Ordinary Day

Ordinary Day by Ras-I

What does an ordinary day feel like for you?

Ordinary Day by Ras-I feels like waking up on a Sunday morning after having a restful sleep, knowing you don’t have to rush to get anywhere or to do anything. Since the end of summer, Ras-I has been giving a taste of this track whenever he had a performance, and from I heard a sample at Inner Ear, I was more than ready for it to be released. This track was produced by Koastal Kings, which consists of the musical duo: Keneil and Pelle. Ordinary Day will be on his upcoming album, “Tsojourna.”

“On an ordinary day, I’ll be the one that you call”

Ras-I created a love song that let us into a typical day with him and his woman. Subtly reminding men to ensure their queen knows how appreciated she is. His voice soothingly glides across the groovy RnB rhythm, keeping you captivated while following the flow. I have this song on repeat and I think my favourite part might be the lines, “Do you know you’re perfect? To me, girl you’re fine. Do you know you’re worthy? I’m glad that you’re mine… ” where the flutes dance around Ras-I’s voice. If not his voice, then the catchiness of the song will have you for sure, take a listen to Ordinary Day.

To me, this song feels like a sweet caress- when the right person hug you up and you feel that little pang in your belly-bottom- just like an old RnB love song. Through this song Ras-I allows us to enjoy the pure feeling that comes with a steady love. Drop a comment and let me know what that means to you, are you feeling it?

Artwork and lyric video by Joshua Solas /@Solasink_


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