Category: 4am thoughts

  • Your Intent Is Peeking Out

    Yo… you ever looking in somebody’s eyes and you can just feel their sexual intent? dwl. Eyes are definitely the window to the soul. Featured image from Pinterest.

  • Sugar Coated

    You make her so weak I’ve not heard silence so sweet This loud girl gone meek. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Loud Silence.

  • Picture Perfect

    I saw you, in a cluttered place my head woozy like outer space. I couldn’t see the deception, picture perfect… But you transformed. Are u a decepticon? or is this inception? I got even friendlier with Mary Jane, she made me love the sound of your name. All in all I took a small step, […]

  • Opportunity

    From the 2014 movie Annie, I fell in love with this version of “Opportunity” On New Year’s Eve I watched Annie with my lil sis & I loved it 🙂 So last night before bed I turned on the radio & some dancehall was playing so I let it stay & right before bed they changed […]

  • Perfect

    He wishes to be perfect, If only he knew his imperfection is so perfect. Tall, dark & handsome, he’s every girl’s dream. Thick too, that’s a super bonus. When a girl gets a hug, it should make an impact, & you got that in check. You’re the perfect height not too tall, just right. Your […]

  • Him

    Like the sun, he shines brightly. Truly, he’s like no one I’ve ever met, when we’re reasoning the world disappears around us; he gets it, we just click. Joking and laughing, we could do it all night. He’s serious when needs be, I swoon a little when he opens the door for me. Let’s not […]

  • Being

    Why are emotions so stressful? I don’t want to overthink. What do I want? I want happiness to flow through me, to disperse the what ifs. To be one with my surroundings, just float, and enjoy the feeling of being. xShida

  • Unrequited

    Trying to convince myself that it’s a mere infatuation. That I’ll get over you soon. Though I’m worried about 2 things: the synonyms for infatuate, and how long will this last? xShida