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  • Happy Birthday Miss Lou!

    As I search Youtube wondering if I’ll find my favourite song, by Miss Louise Bennett-Coverley, I think to myself, I shall definitely grow my children to be cultured. What will culture be in the future? I don’t know but only time will tell. Miss Lou was a great poet, she was famous for her use […]

  • Dream a little dream of me

    This is a really nice poem, and being here, I’m used to my island I wouldn’t have thought of such a poem. This sparked something in me 🙂 lol Great job Shannon <3

  • Feeding Of The 5000

    The Non-Profit Organization, Feeding of the 5000 Outreach Foundation, has launched their official Website, please check it out here: This charity feeds homeless and less fortunate people in Jamaica, as well as giving them clothes or the newly added Grocery bag drive, where bags with grocery supplies are handed out to unprivileged families. Feeding is now 2 years […]

  • 10 Random Facts About Jamaica(ns)

    Hello people 🙂 Here are 10 random facts about Jamaica(ns): Jamaica became Independent on August 6, 1962. Jamaica is an Island in the Caribbean Sea, of 14 Parishes and 3 County’s. We have a language called Patois, which isn’t officially recognized as a language but as an English Creole. We are friendly, you could be standing in the line […]

  • Bacchanal Jamaica: The History

    Read this article of how Bacchanal started in Jamaica. Here →The History

  • Reggae Month Whiteboard Series

    Hello Everyone 🙂 I’d like to highlight how Kulture Shocked celebrates Reggae Month, this only goes to show you don’t have to be in Jamaica to celebrate. “I would post a quote from a reggae song on the whiteboard outside my room along with the singer’s name and song title. Feel free to join in the […]

  • Bob Marley

    Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Robert Nesta Marley!!!!! I really appreciate the legacy you’ve left behind, tune after tune, a Bob hit never gets old! Just as amazing is how most of your children continue to produce amazing music. I’m truly grateful that you brought Reggae Music to the world. It has progressed a lot since […]

  • JAM Packed: February

    February: Black History Month, Reggae Month, Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day and the beginning of Bacchanal time a.k.a. Soca Season! (Click photos to enlarge) I’m very ready for February 🙂 *grabs my notepad and starts to plan out my events* Soca Season: Reggae Month Calendar:  

  • It Begins: Reggae Month! ♫

    Hey 🙂 I made a post before about Reggae Month (February) it’s longer and more informative than this one, you can find it here. I’d just like to say I’m so excited for Reggae Month and I’ll try to keep my posts as informative as I can to make you feel like you were there […]

  • Things we love about Jamaican Culture

    Hiya 🙂 I did a small survey, I asked people I’m friends with on facebook “What’s their favourite thing about Jamaican Culture?” and when I tallied the results, the food and the music were the most loved things, followed by our vibes and kindness/carefree attitude. Here’s what we love about our Jamaican Culture: