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  • Writing 201: Landscape

    (Click photos to enlarge.) Let’s Go To The Beach Enduring the full journey to Bull Bay, ‘Bush’ “Let’s go to the Beach! Let’s go get a wave…” When the radio signal started dropping we knew we had arrived, Wickie Wackie Beach, Bull Bay, St. Andrew. It was my first time in Bull Bay, it’s beautiful, this beach, black […]

  • Writing 201: Fingers

    Our Little Secret Sparks lingered where his fingers traced patterns on my back, lightly, a feather soft touch. It left me in a daze, all the while trying to focus, small circle, a line, down the arch of my spine. This is driving me insane, and I could see he was enjoying this game. Our lips […]

  • Writing 201: Heroine

    Heaven Sent She’s heaven sent, truly a gift to me. She’s heaven sent, she’s never worked a day after my mother was born, always giving a helping hand without showing scorn. She’s heaven sent, loving, unconditionally… her children, and grand’s in one; I could very well see, when she tried to do the impossible for me. She’s heaven […]

  • Writing 201: Trust

    The End They were both at fault, intentionally & unintentionally His past a constant reminder that No one had pure intentions She said untruthful words with hurtful intent And that was all he needed to spiral back Into his dark past And with that his trust in her was lost Communication came to a Hold, she was always Overthinking, […]

  • Writing 201: Journey

    A bus precariously packed with percussion, and drummers trying not to nod A four hour drive to Negril, together we trod With Drummy drumming on the back of my seat I stare out the window, imagining something to eat Through twists & turns, my gut stays strong, let this journey end soon, dear God. Day 2, Journey. Prompt: […]

  • IGL Challenge Now Closed

    Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the I’ve got lyrics challenge, the challenge is now Closed.  I will be reblogging 3 of the most creative poems and short stories each. Thank you for participating 🙂 xShida

  • Greetings

    Hey *waves* 🙂 A post to my dream reader… *plays in my hair* *bites my lip* okie! Well my dream reader is anyone, I’m just sharing my life; here in Jamaica. I want to hone my writing skills and I thought what better way than to start a blog; I love it here and I […]

  • Who I am and Why I'm here

    I’m young and I’m just experiencing life… No, my name isn’t young, I’m Rashida. On my blog I’m trying to show my Jamaica to the world. Yes I live in the Jamaica but what I mean by my Jamaica, is the experiences.

  • I've Got Lyrics Challenge

    Hello all, I’ve got a musical prompt challenge for you. It’s a one time challenge, the date to post your work is Saturday, November 22, 2014. Here’s what you do: Put your phone or MP3 or MP4 or iPod or iPad or anything you listen to music with and shuffle it. Listen to the song that plays […]

  • Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience

    He was strolling up the pathway, towards us,  greeting everyone he passed, stopping to speak to some, while others wanted pictures with him.  You could tell he was humble just by the way he tread through the crowd. He was the man of the hour, we were waiting for him and the late start was expected because Jamaicans being […]