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  • Speak Life

    Speak Life

    Though born and raised in Jamaica, Damian Marley is truly an international reggae star. His albums have sold all around the world and he has toured on multiple continents. In the past few years he has collaborated with household names from North America such as Jay-Z, Nas, Skrillex and Bruno Mars, along with local artists. […]

  • Reggae Without Lyrics

    “One good thing about music is when it hits you feel no pain”   Reggae is…. Indescribable. It is a musical language born from a people who had no voice, people who were the downtrodden of society and cast aside. In the history of Jamaica, you will find Reggae has a prominent part to play […]

  • Liguanea Art Festival 2016: Bright and Colourful

    The Liguanea Art Festival had its 12th staging on Sunday December 4. Here are some of the highlights.