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  • Brewing: My Likkle Tea Addiction

    Brewing: My Likkle Tea Addiction

    …I tried Likkle Tea for the first time. It is a Jamaican premium loose leaf tea company. Likkle Tea made me feel like a Pokémon trainer, legit I want to collect them all.

  • Writing 201: (in my) Drawer

    Destiny You were long awaited, so reasonably priced, they kept a party in your favour. In a colourful garb when I first laid eyes, dressed so nice. It was Destiny, you had to be mine, and with that I paid the price, you were coming home with me tonight. Your clothes closed in a spot in […]

  • The Bloodlines Concert

    The first staging of JaRIA’s Reggae Wednesday Concerts was centered around Artistes who have done the music industry proud and their children or grandchildren who also do music. I gotta big up the Armshouse Crew dwl (dead wid laugh) 😀

  • JaRIA Live

    JaRIA Live Tuesdays miss me and they will for Reggae Month lol I have a class on that day that finishes at 8:30pm and I really can’t make my way to the Ranny Williams Centre after that.

  • Monday Medz

    I held a medz to start off Reggae Month 🙂 Jovan and I went to the Monday Medz at Nanook, it was a small meditation session of talking about life and certain situations of life… just reflecting around a small bonfire. Smoking of herbs was there as usual as well as free sip (vegetarian soup.) […]

  • "I like it, you like it!" -Protoje

    Titled with a quote of my favourite artiste, Protoje, here are 5 of my favourite blogs.

  • Tag!!!

    For blogging 101 assignment 2, we were to work on our tag line but my tag line was there from the beginning lol, I didn’t have to change it, its my blog in it’s simplest form “The life of a Jamaican girl.” xShida

  • Goals

    My goals are: To be more involved in the blogging community. To gain more followers. To work on my writing skills; to be closer to my ideal way of posting/writing by April 2015. xShida