Hope Gardens Picnic

On Saturday the 17th of May 

My friends and I decided to have a picnic at Hope Gardens, little did we know the rain wanted to turn up that day too…

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It was quite a chill day, we got there an hour & a half later than the planned time (but that’s a given, we’re Jamaican i.e. never on time yet.) Then we started our picnic playing music & games, talking about our first year out of high school, so first year of university & the work world, and eating up our snacks. Now the funny part, so we saw that the rain started but because our blankets were situated under a big tree it wasn’t that bad….

Then it started getting heavier so we decided to come closer together and use our umbrellas to make a fort, and it worked, perfectly even, until the rain started pouring.

So we hurriedly packed up our bags and put on our shoes, then we started making our way to the car park, which felt like miles away, in pairs under the umbrellas.

And that is how we got stranded in the car of Horane’s mother (Give thanks it’s a seven seater) Eventually the rain stopped but since Hope Gardens is mainly lawn we went to the Park in Mona to finish our picnic, since it has seats.

I’d say that was a pretty fun day.

I hope our friendship keeps strong.

Ppl big up unnu self.


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