IGL Challenge

I’ve Got Lyrics Challenge

This Challenge is now closed but feel free to give it a try.

Hello all, I’ve got a music prompt challenge for you. It’s a one time challenge and here’s what you do:

Put your phone or MP3 or MP4 or iPod or iPad or anything you listen to music with and shuffle it. Listen to the song that plays and pick out lyrics that speak to you (one sentence/phrase/a part of a verse.) Write a short story or poem with the lyrics you chose as the inspiration. I will be reblogging 3 of the most creative stories and poems on my blog.

->You must use the first song that plays.
->The genre of your work is up to you (fiction, non-fiction, anything you want.)
->There is no word limit for your story or poem (please keep the length reasonable.)
->Show the lyrics (inspiration) chosen, put it either before or after your work.
->Use the tag “I’ve Got Lyrics Challenge” and the hashtag “#IGLChallenge” for Twitter.
->Without the tag I will not be able to find your post.
->Put a link in your post to this page.
->Have fun writing 🙂

***Deadline: Make your post on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

Contact me if you have any questions at 876lover@gmail.com

Here is a badge for your blog, save it and put it on the post or wherever on your blog you would like.


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