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Love In 10 Sentences

Hello 🙂 I want to thank Terry from Through The Lens of My Life for tagging me to do the “Love in Ten Sentences” event, I love a challenge and I’m trying to sharpen my poetry skills so I’m going to give this a try. 

Valentine's Day

“Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal, Love leaves a memory that no one can steal” 💕 -Unknown So I’m single this Valentine’s Day but I can’t bring myself to mope about because I still have wonderful memories of a past love; and 



Like the sun,
he shines brightly.
Truly, he’s like no one I’ve ever met,
when we’re reasoning the world disappears around us;
he gets it, we just click.
Joking and laughing,
we could do it all night.
He’s serious when needs be,
I swoon a little when he opens the door for me.
Let’s not mention that body,
“forgive me Father I want to sin,”
through this mind runs,
but he is who I want to do the saving.
To simply save me from myself,
if only it were that easy.