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  • Art Noise Residency Travel Program

    Press Release Art Noise is introducing a residency travel program to recruit independent creatives of Africa or Black descent and those of non-African descent as well who have interest in African arts and culture to engage in a three month travel program in over 3 different African countries for 2018.   The Program is designed […]

  • Behind the Ananse Ntontan

    I’m assuming you saw my previous post, about Siwatu Jewelry, their logo has an Ananse Ntontan over the “j” and that inspired my post signoff. It is my favourite Adinkra symbol. Ananse Ntontan means “spider’s web” the symbol stands for wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life. Ananse, the spider, is a well-known character in African folktales. (I […]

  • Wanderlust…

    This post was inspired by Manija from A New Life Wandering. The top 5 places in the world I want to visit are: 1) Paris, France It has been my dream to go to Paris, from I chose to learn French over Spanish in Grade 7, one day I want to see the Eiffel Tower in […]