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  • Paint Jamaica: Fleet Street Update!

    The last time I went to Fleet Street was to learn a bit of Capoeira, this time it was to give some strength and be a background person in Runkus and Royal Blu’s music video, not yet released. While there, I snapped some pics of the new art pieces, unfortunately the sun was jus about […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi 🙂 First of all I’m sorry for the late post everyone, today I have artwork by Taj Francis, I can honestly scroll down his wall or through his pictures on facebook all day; they’re so beautiful and awspiring (new word alert 😀 ) Go take a look for yourself, doesn’t it leave you in […]

  • Matthew Henry

    Hi Everybody! I need you to go check out Matthew Henry’s instagram page @Matthewthehenry. His photographs and edits are so beautiful, I really like them so I had to tell you about him. I really would put more of his photos but it’s so hard to choose which ones lol so once again I urge you […]

  • Paint Jamaica!

    Saturday August 16, 2014 On this day I volunteered with Paint Jamaica. The goal of Paint Jamaica is to change and revolutionize the relationship between art, talent and society; along with creative expression, they had a greater social cause which is to change the negative stigma around Kingston’s inner cities. Essentially Paint Jamaica is “The social & art intervention […]