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  • One Coco: D'Havia Designs

    I have a beach problem, to me it’s not really a problem, but here’s the real problem: for the beach you need swimsuits, I always want new ones. As a girl after my mom, I like getting new clothes, so I’d followed a lot of Jamaican designers over my years of being on Instagram. Today, […]

  • Sea You Soon

    Spinning in the waves, Having fun while being cleansed, Magic in water. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Spin & Water. Every holiday I get I try to go to the beach, it relaxes me a lot, hence my title “Sea you soon.” Hello 2017.

  • Bacchanal Beach J'ouvert

    Since 2016 is the year to ‘Get There’ or ‘Shoot Your Shot’ I had decided this was the year I was going to have my first Beach J’ouvert experience. I had heard so many good stories, I had to go, and that I did 🙂 Beach J’ouvert is one of the parties put on by […]

  • Let's Go To The Beach!

    I can feel it, Summer is coming, this overwhelming heat I’ve been feeling is only proving to me that Summer is gonna be extremely hot but what better way to cool off than to take a dip at the beach 🙂 As we all know, I live in Jamaica so I can go to the […]

  • Cable Hut Beach

    Beach Day! You gotta love Jamaica, I was so looking forward to Christmas Holidays so I could go to the beach with my friends. Originally I wanted to go to the beach for my birthday but since it fell on a weekday I moved the beach day to the Sunday after my birthday 🙂 So […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone 🙂 It’s the first Expression Wednesday of 2016 and I wasn’t sure what kind of expression to share with you, I have some eye candy of a cloudy day at the beach for the featured image as well as music to bring some good vibes to your day. Featured image by Nicholi Stevens.

  • Beach Day

    Fun in the sun-ish! The sun went in and out during the day but we didn’t mind at all. I love going over Minkah’s house 🙂 We did the trod to Bull Bay on Sunday. We gathered at her house, hailing up her mom and grandma, some of us inside and the others on the veranda. The […]

  • One Day Getaway

    I dream of the day, the day I’ll getaway. Away to my favourite place. Not to stay, just for a day, a day in that beautiful space, with my favourite faces. The wind, the sand, the sun, the fun! with my best friends Just one day, and I’ll be happy in the end. Poetry 101 Rehab: Getaway.

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi 🙂 Today I have a picture for you by you by Tivar Seivwright, I like his page on FaceBook, Tivar Seivwright Photography and I stumbled upon this picture. I love it. “Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something. -Nicholas Burroughs” Title: Minimalism Location: Jamaica FaceBook: Tivar Seivwright […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hello Everyone 🙂 Today I have a picture for you and a quote too. “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Don’t be disheartened by the bad times, because only then will the good times shine brightly.