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Now on Facebook!

Hey everyone 🙂 I’ve finally created a Fan page on Facebook. So go like 876LoveR there. xShida

"I like it, you like it!" -Protoje

Titled with a quote of my favourite artiste, Protoje, here are 5 of my favourite blogs.


Hey *waves* 🙂

A post to my dream reader… *plays in my hair* *bites my lip* okie!

Well my dream reader is anyone, I’m just sharing my life; here in Jamaica. I want to hone my writing skills and I thought what better way than to start a blog; I love it here and I want to share that with any and everyone. Continue reading Greetings

Pulse (Haiku)

 The tree falls, its soul bared- body now shaped and sanded, the heartbeat booms louder than ever Haiku Horizons: Drum



For blogging 101 assignment 2, we were to work on our tag line but my tag line was there from the beginning lol, I didn’t have to change it, its my blog in it’s simplest form “The life of a Jamaican girl.” xShida

Who I am and Why I'm here

I’m young and I’m just experiencing life… No, my name isn’t young, I’m Rashida.

On my blog I’m trying to show my Jamaica to the world. Yes I live in the Jamaica but what I mean by my Jamaica, is the experiences. Continue reading Who I am and Why I'm here