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  • Should've Been IGL Challenge 2.0

    The second time around I shuffled my music player I got this song, Shot by Love by Protoje ft. Toi “She a the queen fi mi african throne No mercenary Taliban it control Me a the one fi lock you body and soul Jah set the plan, me just a watch it unfold” I started […]

  • The Right Thing

    You well and know you don’t want the Earth to be hurt. The farmers plant & you expect things to grow how can they? when you abuse the dirt. There’s one Earth, let’s get it right this time, Don’t continue this cycle. Do your part, clean up the grime and the more reliable, recycle. Poetry 101 Rehab: Recycle.

  • What A Piece A Rain A Fall

    Hi 🙂 How are you? I bring to you another prompt from The Daily Post, Singin’ in the Rain. There was a light breeze while it drizzled, finally the clouds refused to bite it’s lips and released, it started to pour. I was attired in my usual t-shirt and shorts, and with a small smile ran upstairs to drag […]

  • Feed Your Senses

    Hello 🙂 The Daily Post said to Feed Your Senses and I decided to give it a try. Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today. Pick the one you’re most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one you’re least drawn to.) A loud, up […]

  • Below The Surface

    Hi 🙂 I saw the Daily Post prompt, Let’s Go Crazy and the final instructions follow. “What’s the most crazy, outrageously impulsive thing you’ve ever done? If you’ve never succumbed to temptation, dream a little. If you gave yourself permission to go a little crazy, what would you do?” And this translated into my brain as “What’s […]

  • A Smile A Day

    I paint on my smile conceal my bags, with laughter bring forth five, the end. For Poetry Rehab 101: Day I tried a Haiku.

  • No Apologies

    Rum in my cup, the fete tun up. I have no apologies, for my behavior. The crowd surrounding me, my girls beside of me, my man behind of me, wining under the moonlight. Soca blasting, vibes and hands up high! We were living the life, no lie. Waiting and waiting, not knowing what to expect. It […]

  • Isle

    My planet would be called ‘Isle’ after it’s geographical layout, land surrounded by water. There would be one season, where the sun would be blazing hot but balanced perfectly with the cold wind. There would be long days and short nights, we wouldn’t need fans because in the night the wind would still be cold. (Just […]

  • 50 Word Story: April

    Almshouse In our bundle, we held the left corner, facing the stage. Excitement flowing from our chatter. The music started with just a bass line, the drums rolled in, followed by strumming keys, and the guitar. As the music sped up so did our bodies and feet, we are the Armshouse Crew. Almshouse is translated to Armshouse in […]

  • The Real Neat Blog Award!

    I want to give a huge thank you to Jessica from Send Sunshine for nominating me for this award 🙂 I really appreciate it, I’m not one for being neat but some things have to be in order, and that’s how I like my blog, so thank you 🙂 Jessica asked…   What is your […]