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Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! It’s a rainy week in Jamaica but we jammin’ still. DJ Stamma released a special mix tape last week, where he showcases music from the “independent musical geniuses of Jamaica.” It has songs from some of the greatest acts to grace the music scene right up 

Bob Marley 72

Happy Birthday to Mr. Robert Nesta Marley OM, (1945-1981). Today we celebrate a legend, a life cut short quite early, at the age of 36 but to us, to me he still lives on. He brought Reggae music to the world and I’m glad I 

Expression Wednesdays: Reggae Mecca

Hi Everyone 🙂

In Jamaica, February is Reggae Month, and so today my second favourite month begins; also today is the Birthday of a legendary Reggae icon, Dennis Emmanuel Brown. The theme for Reggae Month 2017 is “Reggae Mecca.”

Reggae Month, the celebration of not just a genre but a culture, I look forward to February every year for the festivities, the liveliness, and the free concerts. Some key Reggae Month activities are the Reggae Wednesday concerts at Mandela Park in Half Way Tree, Kingston, the first one is tonight. As well as JaRIA’s Reggae Open University sittings, every week, where topics relating to Reggae music and the industry are discussed by a panel of qualified persons. Apart from those, the Reggae month calendar will show you most of this month’s activities. Come out to the concert tonight! The theme is “Di Root.”

We celebrate you Dennis, thank you for the great music, to us you still live on. Take a listen, and enjoy because I ended up making a small playlist 🙂


Bob Marley's 71st Earthstrong

In Jamaica, to the Rasta man we don’t say Happy Birthday, so have a Blessed Earthstrong Bob Marley. I give thanks for your music, always. Today I will be going to his birthday celebration at the Bob Marley Museum and tomorrow, I will be going to 

February is?

Hello February, the second month of 2016, a second chance to start a new, fresh, and better at the resolutions we decided on in January. Today is the birthday of the legendary Dennis Brown and we haffi big him up, and give thanks for his 

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂

I’m Back!!!

And I’ll have quite a few posts for you next week, tomorrow is Holy Thursday, Friday is Good Friday (a public Holiday) & Monday is Easter Monday (another public Holiday) so in the midst of my partying and studying I’m gonna write a few posts 🙂

For Expression Wednesday today I’m sharing a picture with you 🙂


It speaks for itself, lyrics of the great Bob Marley.

(Source of the featured image is Reggaelize It on facebook.)


Redemption Live

I’m being so bad to you all, I was late to another concert, when I arrived at little past 8pm Marcia Griffiths went on stage. This concert was another celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday, it was free & had a plethora of artistes, from 

Happy Earthstrong Bob Marley!

Last week Friday was Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday so I had to join the festivities 😀 I went to the free  concert at the Bob Marley Museum on 56 Hope Road. I got there late though, because of work, it was from 4-8pm and ended 

Reggae Month Whiteboard Series

Hello Everyone 🙂

I’d like to highlight how Kulture Shocked celebrates Reggae Month, this only goes to show you don’t have to be in Jamaica to celebrate.

“I would post a quote from a reggae song on the whiteboard outside my room along with the singer’s name and song title. Feel free to join in the Reggae Month Whiteboard Series. It doesn’t have to be on a whiteboard, it could be a tweet or a status update.”

-Kulture Shocked Continue reading Reggae Month Whiteboard Series

Bob Marley

Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Robert Nesta Marley!!!!! I really appreciate the legacy you’ve left behind, tune after tune, a Bob hit never gets old! Just as amazing is how most of your children continue to produce amazing music. I’m truly grateful that you brought Reggae