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5:00am I woke with a groan, knowing damn well we should have went to bed long before 12am but I wanted to be the first to wish Autumne a happy birthday. I also knew my best friend very well and hit snooze, there was no way she’d be 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! I’m taking a break from posting new music just for this week, because it is carnival week. Regularly it would have been the usual but seeing as I took it upon myself to jump in the Carnival Road March for the first time…Yes, 

Expression Wednesdays

Today is Ash Wednesday, which has a lot of significance for different persons; as for myself, I am grateful for the public holiday. Yesterday was Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad, and as such today signifies the end of their carnival season, and the beginning of our own, here in Jamaica. We celebrate carnival here, because it’s fun. The origin is that, a group of persons went Trinidad and Tobago and experienced their carnival season and fell in love with the festivities, so they brought it back home. Our carnival season does not fall in line with the true religious reasoning, and begins on Ash Wednesday. This was the decided date so as to not be in competition with Trinidad.

I’m a lover of music, so I’m glad we were introduced to Calypso and Soca. The riddim calls for a response from the body, it’s quite enthralling. In preparing for Bacchanal in Jamaica, I found this groovy soca song, today I’m sharing with you “Calypso” by GBM Nutron. I have had it on repeat from last weekend, the instrumental in this song has me hooked, I urge you to listen keenly, maybe you will be able to list all the instruments that created this beautiful melody.


The Road to Carnival -I

In came the New Year, in the blink of an eye or the pop of a bottle, 2016 was gone. Cheers to life, we had airily planned out 2017, this year would be one of adventures and new experiences. A big one being Jamaica’s Carnival Road March. 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! Today I’m sharing a Soca song, I can’t say I have a favourite Soca artiste but I listened to the 2017 Soca Starter Mix by DJ Private Ryan, and this song stood out to me. This year I’ve taken it upon myself to 


“Why do we celebrate Carnival? …Where did it originate?” Were a few thoughts that floated through my mind during Jamaica’s Carnival season; near naked bodies feting in the streets was just intriguing and I decided to look it up.

Carnival is an annual festival, celebrated typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade. The Carnival was used to enjoy meat, alcohol, and other foods that were forbidden during Lent. It was brought from Europe and the Americas to the Caribbean, where the slaves adapted it and changed it to suit their traditions. For African people, Carnival became a way to express their power as individuals, as well as their rich cultural traditions.

“Carnival was introduced to Trinidad around 1785, as the French settlers began to arrive. The tradition caught on quickly, and fancy balls were held where the wealthy planters put on masks, wigs, and beautiful dresses and danced long into the night. The use of masks had special meaning for the slaves, because for many African peoples, masking is widely used in their rituals for the dead. Obviously banned from the masked balls of the French, the slaves would hold their own little carnivals in their backyards — using their own rituals and folklore, but also imitating their masters’ behavior at the masked balls. For African people, carnival became a way to express their power as individuals, as well as their rich cultural traditions.”

History of Carnival

Now Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is one of the most famous in the Caribbean, so I wanted to know more about how they currently celebrate it. Their Carnival season is from Boxing Day right up to the day before Lent begins, Ash Wednesday. The Carnival week (week leading up to Ash Wednesday) is packed with different parties every night leading up to the last events of the season, Dimanche Gras, J’ouvert (dirty mas,) Carnival Monday, and finally, Carnival Tuesday or [pretty] Mas (masquerade.)

Carnival in Jamaica is hosted by Bacchanal Jamaica, it was introduced to Jamaicans in 1989 by patrons who had participated in Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival annually. The timing of Jamaica’s Carnival week was designed not to compete with Trinidad, and  it couldn’t be held during Lent so as to respect the religious significance of the period, so the carnival week was scheduled to begin on Easter Sunday and end on the following weekend. Our Carnival Season begins in January with Bacchanal New Year band launch which is followed by weekly reveling at Bacchanal Fridays starting a month later. Our season also has events such as bi-weekly Socacise classes, and Beach J’ouvert, it ends with Bacchanal J’ouvert (dirty mas) followed by the big Road March (pretty mas) the next day.







Featured image from Sleek Jamaica


Bacchanal J'ouvert!

My first paint party just happened to be Bacchanal J’ouvert, every time a paint party came up something had to come up in my life and block it, so this was my first. I have to say, it was amazing, unlike regular bacchanal that started 

Bacchanal Jamaica: The History

Read this article of how Bacchanal started in Jamaica. Here →The History

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂

The tax deadline has officially passed and I’ll be free to blog heartily again!

As Jamaica’s Carnival season nears its end I’m sharing with you a couple of my favourite 2015 soca (calypso) songs 🙂 Check out the Soundcloud playlist I made. ↓ Continue reading Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂 Today I’d like you to listen to Dj Private Ryan’s 2015 Soca Brainwash Mixtape! (I find it adorable that My mom still calls Soca, Calypso lol) Carnival Season in Jamaica is coming! 🙂 A.K.A. Soca Season A.K.A. Bacchanal Time!! The season to