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  • Percussion

    Jingle bells ringing, But I shake a tambourine, In time with a rock. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Bells & Ring.

  • Carols

    Gold things glistening, Carols the children do sing, Christmas bells ringing. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Gold & Sing.

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone, a while back, during the holidays, I went to Half Way Tree to do some errands, and for lunch I had a Tastee’s beef & cheese patty but before I get to that I wore my Dubwise Jamaica shirt & ironically I missed Dubwise that night (Sigh!!!) Circumstances still, everything happens for a […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone 🙂 I’m on vacation from work and you’d think I’d have more time to write but I’m still busy. Kinda…between my odd waking hours, cleaning, my tight schedule for going on the road, and running errands, I hardly seem to have time. I’m still jolly, fulljoying the Christmas vibe, waiting for the Christmas spirit […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone 🙂 I was hit by the Christmas spirit this morning when I went on my blog and saw it snowing! That and the fact that we’re having a cold front in Jamaica right now, i.e. our “Christmas breeze” or our version of snow lol! Cold winds. Another thing is that I passed through Half Way […]

  • Snow a Yaad

    I’m here acting like a child because it’s snowing on my blog 😀 lol Hey! don’t judge! I’ve never experienced snow first hand and in Jamaica I can go to the beach all year round 😀 xShida

  • Small Pleasures make our days #1

    I’ve been trying to start The Weekly Small Pleasures Challenge by Mani but I kept forgetting, so I finally remembered maybe because my stress level is turnt down. My small pleasures for this week are: 1) I’m transitioning back to natural & I’m happy about my new growth.