Tag: crush

  • On Fire

    This is what happens when a volcano becomes active. Lava runs through my veins, static on my skin, a glow on my cheeks from within. And that’s just from thoughts, of you. When you’re around, the slightest touch sets me ablaze. Every nerve ending feels like hot wire, and you, the source¬†of my desire.   […]

  • A Good Thing

    You’re so secluded, your emotions, your thoughts. I’m still a little lost as it comes to you…us. I can tell it’s not just lust. There’s a connection, we click. And as lost as I may be I can’t get you out of my mind. Just like a Rubik’s cube I’m trying, so hard, to figure […]

  • My type

    ¬†“On the real no lie, I don’t know what it is but you just my type” xShida

  • Unrequited

    Trying to convince myself that it’s a mere infatuation. That I’ll get over you soon. Though I’m worried about 2 things: the synonyms for infatuate, and how long will this last? xShida

  • 3 Ways to keep a girl thinking about you

    N.B. These tips are more effective if she has told you that she has feelings for you. When you notice a spectacular characteristic about her, don’t be shy, tell her you find it hot, cute, pretty, nice, sexy, unique… and the compliment will stick.