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Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! I’m convinced good things happen on Wednesdays, that’s why I chose today to share art with you through Expression Wednesdays. If the song I’m sharing today doesn’t hype you up for your future, then it look well dark fi you. Firstly I have 

Writing 201: (in my) Drawer

Destiny You were long awaited, so reasonably priced, they kept a party in your favour. In a colourful garb when I first laid eyes, dressed so nice. It was Destiny, you had to be mine, and with that I paid the price, you were coming 

Raging Fyah Album Launch

This was Tuesday June 17th 2014
We were ready for ‘Destiny’

Lexxi & I :)
Lexxi & I 🙂

This was so anticipated, Lexxi and I got to the venue early, well as early as we could be for a 7 pm event; 20 minutes past 8. The launch was free and we both purchased an album upon entry. It was my first time at the Triple Century Sports Bar and the interior looked nice but the regular decor was still a mystery to me; the centre was cleared and a small stage was installed. To show how early we were seats were available, so we sat down on a plush couch waiting for Gabby, Minkah and Denni. They showed up in that order respectively. Continue reading Raging Fyah Album Launch