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Upful Reggae Party

The Oxford Shire Ultra Lounge was the place to be on Tuesday night. We witnessed the official release of the “Upful Reggae Riddim” with it’s own party. The Shire at 1A Oxford Road is a new venue on the scene but it’s intimate atmosphere is promising. 

Reggae Riot

Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts | UWI, St. Andrew Firstly I must commend the Elysium team because this concert was heavily promoted, and as the days dragged on I grew even more excited. What surprised us all, was that everyday a new act was added to the 

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂

Today’s the first staging of the Reggae Wednesday Concert series! Eeeeeeepp! :3 Anyway lol today I have a picture for you from the Riddim Magazine facebook page here and a little music to go with it. (You done know seh Ranny Williams Centre ago tun up!)


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Kelissa Live!

To find something to wear! I ran through my closet, in my head, trying to find the best pick. The scrolling stopped and my thoughts gathered, I got it! I had to be prepared for the freezing night air on Jack’s Hill a.k.a. Reggae Mountain.