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L'Acadco Drum Xplosion at the Pier

Hi Everyone 🙂 The other day lol (a while back) the L’Acadco Drummers had a performance at Victoria’s Pier, that’s Waterfront, Downtown Kingston. I wanna share a little bit of Jamaica with you, plus it’s so beautiful down there. I thought I looked cute, then I 

Writing 201: Journey

A bus precariously packed with percussion, and drummers trying not to nod A four hour drive to Negril, together we trod With Drummy drumming on the back of my seat I stare out the window, imagining something to eat Through twists & turns, my gut stays 

A Year with L'Acadco

I’m a very sentimental person, so I find myself harboring things as memories, be it pictures, flyers, ticket stubs…I keep a lot of them.
IMG_2766My friend Cespo gave me that stick; he broke it playing the djun djuns at a company rehearsal, exactly one year ago as of today.
So I use that to mark the date as I proudly say I’ve been in L’Acadco for a year. Continue reading A Year with L'Acadco

L'Acadco Dance Show & Book launch

Saturday, July 5, 2014 I didn’t get to watch the show but here are some pictures of my day 😀 *covers face* the veins in my forehead stand up when I’m really happy or I’ve been laughing too much, this was the day after the 

African Jamaican Connexion

The 16th of May 2014  was the next adventure, L’Acadco performed in the ‘African Jamaican Connexion’ which was a show put on by the Women’s Health Organisation at the Pegasus hotel; to raise funds for women with cancer.