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Chronixx on Reggae Mountain

Saturday July 19, 2014 The raving didn’t end with the beach, Lexxi, Minkah and I decided to take in a Chronixx concert in the night. We arrived at the venue terribly late because of some circumstances  but we were set on going. When we arrived 

Marijuana vs. Cigarettes

My ramblings on the topic of decriminalization of marijuana in Jamaica.

Wickie Wackie Drum Circle

Saturday July 19, 2014

My day went a little like this…

In my, in my, in my head
The world is yours for the taking said a little voice in my head…

My phone was alarming Jesse Royal’s song This Morning and evidently it was too low, I woke about a minute into the song. I rolled over, stopped it and checked the time, groaning I slowly raised my body, not wanting to be late for class again as usual.

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The day just attracts good vibes. When I was in high school, our drumming ensemble would have our meetings on Wednesdays. I’ve joined L’Acadco and our main day for drumming is Wednesday. Or is it that Wednesdays attract the beat of a drum? Drumming creates 

The L'Acadco Drum Xplosion Show

This isn’t a review of the show because I didn’t watch the show… I performed in the show, so this is a story about the show from behind the curtains and all the exciting (& stressful) moments that come with planning a show.

One Love Cafe Launch

Friday July 11, 2014

I believe I saw the flyer for this on facebook on the Thursday before the event. So I told Lexxi then she told Minkah and Meikle; the four of us made up the crew for the night. The summer raving continued 😀

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Raging Fyah Album Launch

This was Tuesday June 17th 2014 We were ready for ‘Destiny’ This was so anticipated, Lexxi and I got to the venue early, well as early as we could be for a 7 pm event; 20 minutes past 8. The launch was free and we 

Keznamdi's Video Release

On Wednesday May 21st was Keznamdi’s music video release, for his song, ‘I Don’t Wanna’ and short concert. I assumed I could be early for an event for the first in my life; I was wrong.

My Passion

My passion.

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