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  • The Versatile Blogger Award!

    *Drum roll* I have to give a huge thanks to April from April’s Perspective for nominating me for “A Versatile Blogger” award 🙂 This is my second blog award and I’m very thankful for it. I’m so happy that you nominated me 🙂 On my blog I write about my life here in Jamaica, so any […]

  • Wanderlust…

    This post was inspired by Manija from A New Life Wandering. The top 5 places in the world I want to visit are: 1) Paris, France It has been my dream to go to Paris, from I chose to learn French over Spanish in Grade 7, one day I want to see the Eiffel Tower in […]

  • Plans

    So I’ve decided for my 25th birthday, I want to go to France. So December 22, 2019. Wish me good fortune & happy saving lol cause my spending needs to go down. I have to remember every time I’m buying crap, France 2019. xShida