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Ancient Future Live

Shell Band Stand of Hope Gardens | Kingston, Jamaica If you neva know that I love Protoje, you must be new to my blog lol. He’s one of my fave muses. So after I missed Dubwise Jamaica in December and nearly bawl, I not so 

Cable Hut Beach

Beach Day! You gotta love Jamaica, I was so looking forward to Christmas Holidays so I could go to the beach with my friends. Originally I wanted to go to the beach for my birthday but since it fell on a weekday I moved the 

Birthday Tings: 21!

I didn’t do any lavish party for my 21st birthday but I had fun! As always as long as there’s good vibes I’d be happy 🙂 and I was. First off I went on a lunch date with my best friend, Lexxi, at Mi Hungry, our fave vegetarian spot. It’s near our houses so I think that’s a plus.

BDSelfie BDMe BDwLexxiBDLunch

We tried the Pleaza last time so this time we had Nyam-Burgers. I chose not-cheese for mine with Palm Wata (Coconut Water) to drink and Lexxi had plantains in hers with Star fruit juice. It was good, we enjoyed it. Looks like we’re gonna take our time and try everything on the menu 🙂

In the night my friends and I went to the free concert at Emancipation Park, Tarrus Riley & Friends. It’s held annually and I try to go every year, this year the same worse it was on my birthday 🙂 In all the excitement I realized I didn’t take any pics with my friends, like a group pic. Next time though.

BDwGabby BDwBob BDOutfit BDConcert

Can I tell you I enjoyed it!!!! There were so many artistes I can’t list them all (that’s the excuse because I don’t remember them all) Chronixx was the last performer I saw, and with him came Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, and Jesse Royal. That made my night. That and my awesome friends, I saw all my important friends on my birthday, well not all, most I should say. I love unnu!!!


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 I’m on vacation from work and you’d think I’d have more time to write but I’m still busy. Kinda…between my odd waking hours, cleaning, my tight schedule for going on the road, and running errands, I hardly seem to have time. I’m 

Heart Of Gold

The sun shone as bright as it felt, warming my chocolate coloured skin, while the wind battled for dominance, the cool sea breeze tuning out the heat. We strolled off of the concrete, removing our shoes as we touched the sand. As if in sync we kept 

A Good Thing

You’re so secluded,
your emotions, your thoughts.
I’m still a little lost
as it comes to you…us.

I can tell it’s not just lust.
There’s a connection, we click.
And as lost as I may be
I can’t get you out of my mind.

Just like a Rubik’s cube I’m trying,
so hard, to figure you out.
Just like Coffee, I can’t get your taste
out of my mouth.

On the verge of putting the puzzle away.
they always said, “All good things come to an end.”
Just don’t ruin a good thing,
before it could be great.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Connection.

Featured image by Nicholi Stevens.


Ancient Future: The Album Review

Hey Everyone 🙂 As I didn’t post about Reggae on International Reggae Day, July 1st, today I present my first album review, it’s my thoughts on the beats & riddims along with my interpretation of what the songs mean, I do hope you enjoy it 🙂 The