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Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

I bring to you a quote today 🙂 Happiness is in your head, accept what you have, and work towards what you can change. If you can’t change it well fxck it. Consider your options while enjoying the things that make you happy. If you 

Expression Wednesdays

Here’s to never growing up… Hello everyone 🙂 For this Expression Wednesday I’m sharing a picture with you. (Sunshine Amusement Complex, New Kingston, Jamaica) Now’s the time to take the risks, make mistakes and learn from them, it is better to do it now while you’re 

Something to Smile About

Hello everyone 🙂

I’d love some suggestions for my page “Something to Smile About” click here to see my list so far.

Comment below, telling me what makes you smile & I’ll add it to the list 🙂

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Happiness? Does it come in a box?

How to make happiness: Listen to your favourite songs, sing along. Dance it out (I can’t dance either but that’s not the point.) Lay on any flat surface & stare upwards, breathe. Go hang out with your friends, go be in the company of people you love. 


Why are emotions so stressful? I don’t want to overthink. What do I want? I want happiness to flow through me, to disperse the what ifs. To be one with my surroundings, just float, and enjoy the feeling of being. xShida