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  • Upcoming Events

    Hello loves ūüôā Our favourite part of the week is here again, the weekend! Though it’s gonna be a rainy one here in Jamaica, I have a few events for you that will be going on this weekend. It’s quite a lot of shopping! We’re not having Black Friday ¬†but it seems we’re excited for […]

  • Jamaican Brand List!

    One Coco is the newest feature on 876LoveR, and I figured why not share the list of Jamaican brands I’m working through. The list will be in categories, some brands will be repeated as they make both products. Also! The list grows all the time, cause I buck a new brand on Instagram almost everyday. […]

  • One Coco: Vintage Chic

    Vintage Chic Hi everyone ūüôā Do you want to hear about products that can’t be purchased online as well? Comment your answer. This Coco is more hair products! Well the key to keeping my hair nice and thick, I purchase my¬†Coco-Castor Oil, and Castor Oil from Vintage Chic religiously. They sell natural hair products, skincare […]

  • One One Coco

    I hope you have been enjoying my “One Coco” posts; I saw a photo¬†on Shanny’s blog post, #DryLandTouristChronicles: Jamaica Conference Centre..A Work Of Art, which was some insight on the Jamaica Conference Centre and its beautiful design. The photo¬†is of a plaque that states “One One Coco Full Basket” and the plaque is surrounded by […]

  • One Coco

    Siwatu Jewelry This Coco¬†consists of¬†old purchases but I had to show you these, when Siwatu just opened I purchased that swirly copper ring, and the one with the rose looking embellishment was a birthday gift I got¬†after. The thing I love about copper is that the more you wear it, and continuously wash your hands […]

  • One One Coco

    Hi everyone! I’m introducing a new feature to¬†my blog titled “One Coco” which was inspired¬†by the Jamaican Proverb “One, one coco full basket.” It simply means success cannot be achieved over night,¬†work on it, little by little to achieve your goal. This feature¬†will show¬†my effort to support the (informal) #BuyJamaicanBuildJamaica initiative, which¬†is supporting Jamaican brands […]