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Liguanea Art Festival 2016: Bright and Colourful

The Liguanea Art Festival had its 12th staging on Sunday December 4. Here are some of the highlights.

Jamaican Brand List!

One Coco is the newest feature on 876LoveR, and I figured why not share the list of Jamaican brands I’m working through. The list will be in categories, some brands will be repeated as they make both products. Also! The list grows all the time, 

One Coco: Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic

Hi everyone ūüôā Do you want to hear about products that can’t be purchased online as well? Comment your answer. This Coco is more hair products! Well the key to keeping my hair nice and thick, I purchase my¬†Coco-Castor Oil, and Castor Oil from Vintage Chic religiously. They sell natural hair products, skincare products, and Jewelry. The jewelry are¬†handmade; made of copper, beads, coconut shells, and other natural things.

From left: 2oz Castor oil, 4oz Castor oil & an empty 4oz bottle of the Coco-Castor oil.
From left: 2oz Castor oil, 4oz Castor oil & an empty 4oz bottle of the Coco-Castor oil.

Please do check them out, the store is located at Shop #6 Khouries Plaza, 12 Hagley Park Road. You can follow their social media to keep in the know about new products and special sales; Facebook: Vintage Chic Jewellery & Accessories Instagram: @Vintage.Chic.Jewellery.


One Coco

Chupse This one is another oldie but goodie, this Coco is my Chupse bracelet. I’ve introduced Chupse on my blog a while back in this post, here; for the new persons to 876LoveR, let me tell you about the brand. Chupse, which is Patois, means 

Upcoming Events!

Don’t be stuck at home, bored out your mind! If you don’t have anything planned this week, here are a few events to check out!

Siwatu Jewelry

Siwatu Jewelry was created by Mr. & Mrs. Abayomi. Sentwali & Ashenafi makes jewelry IMG_0593by hand from copper and organic materials. Siwatu is a Jamaica based company but also international, it started from taking orders via phone & on facebook and delivering them. Now they have launched their official website!


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