Tag: lust

  • A Good Thing

    You’re so secluded, your emotions, your thoughts. I’m still a little lost as it comes to you…us. I can tell it’s not just lust. There’s a connection, we click. And as lost as I may be I can’t get you out of my mind. Just like a Rubik’s cube I’m trying, so hard, to figure […]

  • Your Intent Is Peeking Out

    Yo… you ever looking in somebody’s eyes and you can just feel their sexual intent? dwl. Eyes are definitely the window to the soul. Featured image from Pinterest.

  • One Body

    Love the skin you’re in Involved, skin to skin It’s not a sin. Body to body  Not with everybody. It’s sang in every song  The songs we love to sing. Love the skin you’re in. Poetry Rehab 101: Skin, I wrote this a while back and didn’t post it, I felt like it was too […]