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Expression Wednesdays

Hello 🙂 Today I have a picture from the Reggae Month Whiteboard Series by Kulture Shocked. You can listen to Waiting For You by Kabaka Pyramid here. I hope everyone is enjoying Ash Wednesday 🙂 #ReggaeMusicFiPlay

I've Got Lyrics Challenge

Hello all, I’ve got a musical prompt challenge for you. It’s a one time challenge, the date to post your work is Saturday, November 22, 2014. Here’s what you do: Put your phone or MP3 or MP4 or iPod or iPad or anything you listen to music 

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hey 🙂

Expression Wednesdays are for me to share with you a song, or picture, or quote I like at the moment.

Today is the song Jungle by Jah9.

Take a listen here.

Check out the music video.

Enjoy 🙂