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Paint Jamaica: Fleet Street Update!

The last time I went to Fleet Street was to learn a bit of Capoeira, this time it was to give some strength and be a background person in Runkus and Royal Blu’s music video, not yet released. While there, I snapped some pics of 

Bacchanal Beach J'ouvert

Since 2016 is the year to ‘Get There’ or ‘Shoot Your Shot’ I had decided this was the year I was going to have my first Beach J’ouvert experience. I had heard so many good stories, I had to go, and that I did ­čÖé 

Bacchanal J'ouvert!


My first paint party just happened to be Bacchanal J’ouvert, every time a paint party came up something had to come up in my life and block it, so this was my first. I have to say, it was amazing, unlike regular bacchanal that started at 8pm, J’ouvert started at 10pm ’til daylight.

The Crew.
The Crew.

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Expression Wednesdays

Hi everybody┬á­čÖé I blog because I like to write… I like the written words of expression. I want people to see and enjoy reading my writing. I want my blog to be known for the conscious side of Jamaica and a bit of my personal 

Paint Jamaica!

Saturday August 16, 2014 On this day I┬ávolunteered with Paint Jamaica.┬áThe goal of Paint Jamaica is┬áto change and revolutionize the relationship between art, talent and society; along with creative expression, they had a greater social cause which┬áis to change the negative stigma around Kingston’s inner