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Garvey The Musical: Roots Rock Reggae

October 17th was our National Hero’s Day, it is the Holiday for celebrating our National Heroes, for all their contribution to the development of Jamaica. In honour of the life of our first National Hero, Michael Holgate’s Roots Rock Reggae Musical, “GARVEY: The Musical” débuted last weekend.

Reggae Riot

Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts | UWI, St. Andrew Firstly I must commend the Elysium team because this concert was heavily promoted, and as the days dragged on I grew even more excited. What surprised us all, was that everyday a new act was added to the 

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂

Today I’m telling you about the Jamaica Dance Umbrella, it’s an annual dance season. L’Acadco, the dance company, which I’m a part of, will be performing on the Launch night, which is Thursday March 5th, this show is free of charge. It is 8pm at the Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts, UWI, bring a friend, be on time and enjoy.


The tickets for the other nights can be purchased at the Phillip Sherlock Centre Box Office, the nights are Friday March 6th to Sunday March 8th. L’Acadco will also be performing on the Saturday night, so come out and show support.

*As you may or may not have known I’m a Junior Accountant; it is Tax time in Jamaica, and I have a deadline to meet so I’m sorry in advance for my scarce posts, I’ll be back soon.


L'Acadco Dance Show & Book launch

Saturday, July 5, 2014 I didn’t get to watch the show but here are some pictures of my day 😀 *covers face* the veins in my forehead stand up when I’m really happy or I’ve been laughing too much, this was the day after the 

The L'Acadco Drum Xplosion Show

This isn’t a review of the show because I didn’t watch the show… I performed in the show, so this is a story about the show from behind the curtains and all the exciting (& stressful) moments that come with planning a show.