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  • Raffaele’s Gourmet Pizzeria & Grill

    Raffaele’s Gourmet Pizzeria & Grill

    Nyam & Scram! – Restaurant Week 2017 Restaurant Week in Jamaica is an annual event I look forward to, in one week there are a plethora of restaurants having discounted prices. They fall under categories such as Tasty, Savoury, Delectable, and Epicurean; which offers 3 course meals in different price ranges. As well as Morning […]

  • Pizza Please!

    Jamaica has been graced with a new fast food restaurant that has us shouting Pizza Please! In December my bestie, Tum, and I were in Half Way Tree doing Christmas gift shopping and we saw the “Pizza Please” sign up in Mall Plaza,┬ábeing the pizza lover I am, I grew excited at the new pizza […]