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Ziggy, Spliff, Blunt, Pipe, Chalice, Steamaz, Brownie, cookie or tea. Burning the bong, while listening to Gong. In your room, at the park, after dark. For your pleasure, your headache, your stress, the pain in your breast. They research more and more, Now we see 

What You Can Do

  This prompt was really hard for me to do lol. I try so hard to do as much as I can, against all odds; couldn’t is a rarity in my vocabulary. Give it a try. there’s no need to lie, low, laying low for 


Some people build walls around themselves.
Some just have partitions.
In their cubicle, their own world.
Just delegated, yet they behave segregated.
The real world is right in front of you
Feel the sunshine and the dew.
Don’t lock yourself away.
Partitions aren’t made of steel
nor made to seal you away.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Partitions.


A Good Thing

You’re so secluded, your emotions, your thoughts. I’m still a little lost as it comes to you…us. I can tell it’s not just lust. There’s a connection, we click. And as lost as I may be I can’t get you out of my mind. Just 

Running Through My Mind

Do you ever wish to run away? It runs through my mind to run away. We crave adventure, just run away. Where I would go I don’t know, run away. To get away from it all, run away. To relieve the stress and duress, run away. 

Story of My Life

Sitting here trying to bust a rhyme
feeling the pressure in the back of my mind,
because of this deadline.
The chocolate in the fridge is calling
ooh that beer, nope, you won’t catch me falling,
because of this deadline.
I stare in space, trying to keep a steady pace
honestly I won’t work in haste,
because of this deadline.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Deadline.


Love Is Just Like Falling Asleep

They say to fall in love, is just like falling asleep. At first, slowly…then all at once. Not a peep. Wasting no time, sleep overcomes me. That must be lovely, a peaceful rest. I agree, slightly, for my nights are the best. Wasting no time, sleep overcomes me. 

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Stacks on stacks on stacks Stuck stacking the rack just to build my stack, got cash? Piles of cheese, in my piggy. Piggy? Pigs don’t eat cheese, stop. Daydreaming, get back to your stack. I don’t pay you to slack, there’s no turning back in 


This came like fate,
I just came off a little break-
from work. I had a tummy ache.
All I did was sleep and drink,
drink and sleep and head to the toilet.
I was so pleased the day I woke-
fever free. That’s when it went uphill for me.

lol a tale of my most recent hiatus, I had gastroenteritis.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Hiatus.


One Day Getaway

I dream of the day, the day I’ll getaway. Away to my favourite place. Not to stay, just for a day, a day in that beautiful space, with my favourite faces. The wind, the sand, the sun, the fun! with my best friends Just one day, and I’ll