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Protoje and Mortimer Stand Up for Truths & Rights

I’m here to represent for the group of people who sit and wait for Protoje to bless the universe with new music; he never disappoints. Last week Proto dropped “Truths and Rights” featuring Mortimer and it took my Twitter timeline by storm, with good reason. […]

T-One Week

Only one week left, make sure you go buy your ticket. Gate price is $2,500JMD be wise and save yourself the $1,000.

Ancient Future Live

Protoje announced the date of his next local concert, Ancient Future Live, at the end of 2015. I did a post to shout out to House of the Arts last week, where I posted the link to my guest post on their site, “Awaiting The Ancient Future.” It’s my two cents about the Album and awaiting the concert. Now he’s released the venue, which is the same as his last Live From Kingston, Hope Gardens.

I must say I’m so excited! You all should know by now that Protoje is my fave Reggae artiste. So I will make an effort to be early (I’m never early) so I can be up at the front 😀

See my full article: Awaiting The Ancient Future|House of the Arts

Featured image from Protoje’s Twitter page.


Expression Wednesdays

Hiya 🙂 Today I’m sharing a photo of Protoje performing; and the song to go with the photo’s title. “I’m just making music from my heart.” Photo by Yannick Reid. @thetherapistsol on Instagram.

Ancient Future

I’m so excited for Protoje’s new album, Ancient Future, I can’t wait for it to be released!! It’s already available for pre-order on itunes and will be released on March 10th. He unveiled the track-list sometime last week, you can view the article here. Image […]

Live From Kingston

I’m happy to say last year I went to both shows of Protoje’s bi-annual concert, Live from Kingston. I went to the December show as celebration for my birthday 😀 so I’m gonna fling quite a bit of selfies in here, I was feeling myself 🙂

IMG_8807 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8813

The December edition of Live from Kingston was at the Shell Band stand in Hope Gardens. Once again we decided to be early  but this concert was well awaited so I didn’t mind being early 😀

When we arrived a good amount of people had already arrived, the stage wasn’t raised off the ground like I expected, so we just filled into the space in the semi-circle the crowd formed around the stage. To our enjoyment one of the first things the host said when she came on stage was to come closer to the stage, we’re to feel the sweat droplets of the performers lol, so we went as close to the stage as possible, i.e. pressed against the speakers at the front.  (more…)