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Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone ☺️ Today I’m showing you the featured image, because I like it. I feel like I’m going through a weird stage in my life and in light of that I’d like to share this quote with you. “A certain darkness is needed to 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂 The quote I’m sharing with you today is from YoungandTwenty.com I was looking through my past Expression Wednesday posts and saw one with it. “You have to understand that even if your voice goes unheard, It doesn’t go unnoticed.” That quote my 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today I’m sharing a quote with you all, it’s for the ladies.

PineappleI like this quote because I believe women are royalty, we are Queens, or Princesses, if you haven’t quite got to the level of Queen. Being a Queen or Princess isn’t achieved by material things, it is an attitude. Continue reading Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello everyone 🙂 Today I have a quote  for you, can you really disagree with this? I think what sold it for me was the sea lol I love going to the beach, I’m not even the best swimmer but something about the sand, the 

Style Quote

“Style is one part self-knowledge and one part self-confidence. In other words, it’s an attitude. It is a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit, a conviction that you are worth knowing, worth looking at and can present yourself well. It is knowing your strengths and weaknesses so that 

Expression Wednesdays

Hi everyone 🙂

I want you to…



Believe you can do it.

Believe you have time left.

Believe you will get another opportunity.

Don’t give up.


The image for today is from Pinterest.


Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

I saw this on Nikki Skies’ blog, for Inspirational Friday and it pulled my heart a little so I’ll share a hashtag my friend, Jody, always uses: #PerformingHearts.

Give Thanks

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot” ~Hausa Proverb

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Gomen’nasai (Sorry) Everyone!

I’m late again but I stick with better late than never. Today I have the Brown Girl Bloggers Quote of the week, I really liked it so I thought to share it with you.

“Trust yourself.

Think for yourself.

Act for yourself.

Speak for yourself.

Be yourself.

Imitation is suicide.”

– Marva Collins



Don't Worry

“This too shall pass.” Because as long as God’s willing, the sun shall rise.