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Ordinary Day

Ordinary Day

876Lover reviews Ras-I’s new single, “Ordinary Day.”

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! The weeks have been moving along soooo fast, it was just Monday and now it’s almost the end of Wednesday. I hope all is well, hope you haven’t missed me too much, I have a lot of backed up articles, so look out 

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Loves!

It’s Wednesday so I got some brand new tings to share with you. Ras-I released an ode to the beautiful black woman, titled “Nubian.” This song touches your soul from the instrumental intro, as he strongly says, “It’s hard to find the perfect words, to tell you how I feel…” Same! That was my exact sentiment in regards to this instrumental. I must admit as a black woman, this song truly made me feel special, appreciated even. Ras-I boasted a number of amazing traits of his black woman. Though this is about the lovely women out there, this song is one to rock along to with someone special, take a listen to Nubian.

The cover art seen above was created by Paige.





New Wave

The Season Finale -27/02/16 I cursed myself for wearing this thin shirt when the cold air settled on my skin like a blanket. That and the fact that this was the New Wave finale had me feeling like I walked all the way to the cook 

Reggae Riot

Phillip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts | UWI, St. Andrew Firstly I must commend the Elysium team because this concert was heavily promoted, and as the days dragged on I grew even more excited. What surprised us all, was that everyday a new act was added to the