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This was highly anticipated, I mean who doesn’t love a reggae concert? They started later than I had thought they would. I got there by 9:30 and they still weren’t ready to begin, then again the venue was still scarce at that time. To entertain the 

The Caribbean Natural Hair Show

Hello Everyone 🙂 I’m gonna try my best to explain lol, see what had happened was, it a 12pm-8pm event, and I got there at about 6:15. My Sunday was busy okay, I almost didn’t make the event. I went with one of my best 

Shots & Hookah

Hey Everyone 🙂

So guys, y’all youngings who still go to the club, don’t go to the club in the week. Ever. It’s killer! D:

I went to Shots & Hookah last week Thursday with Gabby, it’s a party at Top Floor of the Quad (a club.) I must say it did shell! The party was so turnt up we didn’t wanna leave dwl alas Gabby and I had work the next day. That was the problem though, work, I got home about 5 minutes to 4am, got in bed by 4. See the next problem was Continue reading Shots & Hookah

Beach Day

Fun in the sun-ish! The sun went in and out during the day but we didn’t mind at all. I love going over Minkah’s house 🙂 We did the trod to Bull Bay on Sunday. We gathered at her house, hailing up her mom and 

Sankofa Sessions

Sankofa: Adinkra symbol meaning “To go back and get it” (knowledge.) This was my first Sankofa Session, Lexxi accompanied me, and we were early by our standards. We got there at 8:30, where the session was to start at 8pm which would be 9pm Yaady time(=actual 


Kingston On The Edge Urban Art Festival

The closing night for Kingston On The Edge was a spectacle for itself, other than KOTE’s closing last year the Ward Theatre had not been used in decades, it’s been closed from before I was born. Lexxi, Minkah, and I were marveled at the theatre, even in it’s run down state, it’s a cozy auditorium with three tier of seating. For the evening only the ground floor was available for seating for the audience. Some of the chairs had been fixed, they received bulbs for the show, they received portable A/Cs and cooling units, the bathrooms were renovated, the electrical system in the entire building was fixed- free of cost- and all this just for the occasion.

…It will not fade away… Continue reading KOTE

Earth Hour

Earth Hour “Use your power to change climate change” Earth Hour is a charitable organization based out of Singapore. The Earth Hour 2015 (annual) lights off event is on 28 March 2015, 8:30 pm. Check out the website to see what’s happening in your city www.earthhour.org 


On Thursday, December 18, 2014 I finally got to see Nanook for myself 🙂 I didn’t really know what to expect but I like it, it feels magical there. The venue has a large yard space for parking, the entrance walls were lined with paintings from 

Beer Wendzdays

To celebrate the end of my exams and welcome the Christmas festivities I went out with the crew on Wednesday night.

My outfit of the night: BWOOTN1


A simple grey & white gathered crush sheer dress with my cropped jeans vest & white heeled wedges. For accessories: I wore my black tam, dog tag necklace, big silver hoop earrings, my black heart bracelet & my signature bead bracelet, copper Siwatu ring & a gold ring I got from my aunt. Oh! and my Bags Des Bois cross body jeans purse with #Rebel on it 🙂


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