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Cover Me With Your Love

Engulf me in red Let me see inside those prisms The colour of love. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Cover & Color. “Engulf me in red, let me see inside those prisms.” “Let me see inside those prisms, the colour of love.” Well, I ended 

Rebel in red lipstick

Hello everyone 🙂 I started a style blog so that I can post my outfits that I like. Why start a new blog? because I don’t want this blog to be bombarded with style posts and I’d love to post about my outfits and makeup 

Expression Wednesdays

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a happy New Year 🙂

I took this picture at Nanook last Thursday, me and a couple of my friends were chilling and enjoying the live band music; when the glow of the fire caught my eye. It was mesmerizing and a bit more warming than the sweet melodies that floated on the smoke clouds in the air.

For everyone in cold countries, this small bonfire should help (just imagine it) 🙂


Getting to Zero

Getting to Zero

Happy World AIDS Day! AIDS is still the number one leading cause of death in the world, we all should help to increase awareness, fight the stigma and discrimination against persons with HIV or AIDS, in order to reduce HIV infections to Zero. Acknowledge World