Tag: Reggae Month 2015

  • The Progressions Concert

    I’m so naughty, I did in fact go to this concert but I arrived late, on Wednesdays I have drumming 🙂 Then the next situation I didn’t get to take any pictures for you guys, but here is a link to Universal Reggae’s Album. Jaria Reggae Wednesdays (Week 3) When I get the pictures for […]

  • The Aggregation Concert

    Last week’s Reggae Wednesday concert was fun as usual, as it draws closer to the end (Next week) it gets even more amazing 🙂 The Armshouse crew was in the house once again 😀

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hello 🙂 Today I have a picture from the Reggae Month Whiteboard Series by Kulture Shocked. You can listen to Waiting For You by Kabaka Pyramid here. I hope everyone is enjoying Ash Wednesday 🙂 #ReggaeMusicFiPlay

  • Redemption Live

    I’m being so bad to you all, I was late to another concert, when I arrived at little past 8pm Marcia Griffiths went on stage. This concert was another celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday, it was free & had a plethora of artistes, from Kabaka Pyramid and Chronixx to Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths, from […]

  • Happy Earthstrong Bob Marley!

    Last week Friday was Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday so I had to join the festivities 😀 I went to the free  concert at the Bob Marley Museum on 56 Hope Road. I got there late though, because of work, it was from 4-8pm and ended right on time. When I arrived an upcoming band just […]

  • The Bloodlines Concert

    The first staging of JaRIA’s Reggae Wednesday Concerts was centered around Artistes who have done the music industry proud and their children or grandchildren who also do music. I gotta big up the Armshouse Crew dwl (dead wid laugh) 😀

  • JaRIA Live

    JaRIA Live Tuesdays miss me and they will for Reggae Month lol I have a class on that day that finishes at 8:30pm and I really can’t make my way to the Ranny Williams Centre after that.

  • Monday Medz

    I held a medz to start off Reggae Month 🙂 Jovan and I went to the Monday Medz at Nanook, it was a small meditation session of talking about life and certain situations of life… just reflecting around a small bonfire. Smoking of herbs was there as usual as well as free sip (vegetarian soup.) […]

  • Reggae Month Whiteboard Series

    Hello Everyone 🙂 I’d like to highlight how Kulture Shocked celebrates Reggae Month, this only goes to show you don’t have to be in Jamaica to celebrate. “I would post a quote from a reggae song on the whiteboard outside my room along with the singer’s name and song title. Feel free to join in the […]

  • It Begins: Reggae Month! ♫

    Hey 🙂 I made a post before about Reggae Month (February) it’s longer and more informative than this one, you can find it here. I’d just like to say I’m so excited for Reggae Month and I’ll try to keep my posts as informative as I can to make you feel like you were there […]