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Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone! Today we have Jah9’s newest single, “Love Has Found I”. 9 released it yesterday, in celebration of Empress Menen Asfaw’s Earthstrong (birthday). In the song, Jah9 croons about finally finding her one true love. A man embodying the likeness of H.I.M. Haile Selassie 

A Good Thing

You’re so secluded, your emotions, your thoughts. I’m still a little lost as it comes to you…us. I can tell it’s not just lust. There’s a connection, we click. And as lost as I may be I can’t get you out of my mind. Just 

Picture Perfect

I saw you, in a cluttered place
my head woozy like outer space.
I couldn’t see the deception,
picture perfect… But you transformed.
Are u a decepticon? or is this inception?
I got even friendlier with Mary Jane,
she made me love the sound of your name.
All in all I took a small step,
not seeing the ledge.
I swear I found my Johnny Depp.
He’d save me, pull me from the edge.
But now I’m in the dark,
in the precipice of my mind,
hoping to be found.

Poetry 101 Rehab: Found.


At The End Of Time

We all dream of the end. The big house, and two cars, the dog, and two children running in the yard. Our partner beside us lounging on the veranda, watching the movie unfold before us. We want to skip the scanning, the awkward texts, the 

Writing 201: Trust

The End They were both at fault, intentionally & unintentionally His past a constant reminder that No one had pure intentions She said untruthful words with hurtful intent And that was all he needed to spiral back Into his dark past And with that his trust in her was 



He wishes to be perfect,
If only he knew his imperfection is so perfect.
Tall, dark & handsome,
he’s every girl’s dream.
Thick too, that’s a super bonus.
When a girl gets a hug, it should make an impact,
& you got that in check.
You’re the perfect height not too tall,
just right.
Your lips,
your smile,
especially when you laugh.
You still stare at your imperfections,
& I just hope that you know,
she’s very lucky to have you.


The Thing About Boys

The Thing About Boys

I have to wonder if it’s just the Jamaican male that behaves like this? They want to skip the friendship stage and be in an intimate relationship. Sex becomes a main topic at the beginning or soon after becoming friends. They are persistent in the