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  • Expression Wednesdays

    Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone! The weeks have been moving along soooo fast, it was just Monday and now it’s almost the end of Wednesday. I hope all is well, hope you haven’t missed me too much, I have a lot of backed up articles, so look out for that! I have something new for you, nothing nuh […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone! This song isn’t new but the music video is, the single was released last year, April. Here is the official music video for “Skin Toned” by Royal Blu and Runkus. These young artistes refreshingly bring up racism, and how hard it is for black people to survive in this world. The song was produced […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone! New music live! Right before 2017 ended Runkus released “my Gf.”. This song makes you want to move, many people claim they can’t dance but the easiest response to music is to move. When I heard my Gf. I was pleased, cause I love music that makes me want to dance. The drums! […]

  • Protoje & The Indiggnation Takes Tmrw.Tdy

    Protoje & The Indiggnation Takes Tmrw.Tdy

    Tomorrow Today (Tmrw Tday) Culture Festival had a week of activities geared towards meditation, and rejuvenation, where the goal was to acknowledge what you want in life and to help you to live for today. They brought acts from the “Reggae Revival” out to the edge of Jamaica, Negril. The concert was headlined by Protoje […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone 🙂 Today I have the song “Skin Toned” for you, it is by Royal Blu & Runkus. This one is deep and I love it. We all come from God…yet we’re judged by our skin tone. Not only the message of this song is important, the word play is on point. I’m also gonna big up […]

  • Expression Wednesdays

    Hi Everyone 🙂 There has been a galore of great music releases lately, so I have a lot to share with you but I don’t want to bombard you. This week I have “Vibes i/ii” by Runkus. This one has a very unique mix but it gets you moving, so check it out. Follow @Runkusinno.

  • Paint Jamaica: Fleet Street Update!

    The last time I went to Fleet Street was to learn a bit of Capoeira, this time it was to give some strength and be a background person in Runkus and Royal Blu’s music video, not yet released. While there, I snapped some pics of the new art pieces, unfortunately the sun was jus about […]

  • Upcoming Events

    I always say it and I don’t know if you believe me or not but there’s always something to do in Jamaica. Obviously some weeks will have more events than others but I decided to drop some events that are happening this week in a nice little post for you all. I’m on a study […]

  • Runkus

    Let me tell you a little about Paula son. Runkus is Paula’s son, this energetic and positively sweet Rasta is an upcoming artiste, and I believe he’s gonna be huge. Tivar Seivwright Photography Two of my favourites of his are ‘ Rain Start Fall ‘ and ‘Victim‘, he’s been getting shows all over Jamaica with his […]

  • Live From Kingston

    I’m happy to say last year I went to both shows of Protoje’s bi-annual concert, Live from Kingston. I went to the December show as celebration for my birthday 😀 so I’m gonna fling quite a bit of selfies in here, I was feeling myself 🙂 The December edition of Live from Kingston was at […]