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High Tide

Adventure! Let’s go, Hop in the car, let’s go now, Before the coast rises. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Car & Coast.

Sea You Soon

Spinning in the waves, Having fun while being cleansed, Magic in water. Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Spin & Water. Every holiday I get I try to go to the beach, it relaxes me a lot, hence my title “Sea you soon.” Hello 2017.

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone,

Today the expression I’m sharing are photos, yes, I know I’ve been sharing only music for a good while. Jamaica experienced a Hurricane Warning last weekend; as Matthew made his way most prepared but for the few surfers we have here, they used the time to enjoy the perfect waves.

Riding the waves.

I’m glad these surfers got to have some fun out of this experience; I can’t say I wasn’t fretting about the Category 4 Hurricane that was making its way towards our small island, but as we kept a keen eye on the forecasts, it changed its route. I’m really grateful we didn’t suffer any severe damage but at the same time I feel it for Haiti.

Featured photos are by Jik-Reuben Pringle, he can be found on his website, here, and on Instagram: @Jikreuben.


Expression Wednesdays

Hello everyone 🙂 Today I have a quote  for you, can you really disagree with this? I think what sold it for me was the sea lol I love going to the beach, I’m not even the best swimmer but something about the sand, the 

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone 🙂 Today I have a picture for you and a quote too. “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” -Martin Luther King Jr. Don’t be disheartened by the bad times, because only then will the good times shine brightly.

I sea you

I Sea You

Crashing unanimously,
an endless round of applause,
hoots & cheers just for you.
Navy to aqua, to brown & translucent,
floating in the togetherness of being,
to form a foamy white…
Caressing your body in a way no other could.
Saying hi & bye, refusing to tarry.
But parting ways?
The thought has never processed.
When that process is all you’ve ever known.

Inspired by the ocean 🙂

Black sand

Jamaica’s black sand beaches are usually left out of the commercials and I can’t see why.   I went to the beach in Bull Bay yesterday and I definitely need to visit Minkah more 🙂 xShida

Holiday? To the beach!

Jamaica’s Emancipation Day, Friday August 1, 2014 This holiday was well awaited, I rose at 10, had breakfast and started fixing up my blog. I had created it last night and was ready to explore. I sat at my living room table, still adorned in