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Dreamer #TeamME

Team Me /ti:m mi:/ Team me is self motivation. Team me, is being pro-self, it’s putting measures in place to keep yourself healthy and happy. Whether physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually. You are your biggest cheerleader, and power source. To reach your goals in 

One Coco: Sugarplum Box

Hey everyone, you’d never guess what happened… I won this box! This Coco was a surprise. I had entered a competition I saw on the Sugarplum Box Instagram page, it was a BLK/OPL (Black Opal) makeup giveaway. I’m subscribed to the Sugarplum Box website, so at the 

One Coco: Birthday Box!

Guess what? Sugarplum Box celebrated their 3 year anniversary in November, so the box following that month was of course, the Birthday Box. The boxes were set to be delivered in December (my birth month) so I had to get it; and, by just my luck, I got the Birthday Box on my birthday 🙂

As you can see, from I found out about this Jamaican gem, I’ve pretty much been hooked. I love the idea of subscription services because I like surprises, and I believe one should treat yourself. This box/package has been the biggest one so far 😀 I’ll get to it, this is what we got in the Birthday Box.

Sugarplum Box, Birthday box, suga turns 3, 876Lover, in Jamaica, one coco, subscription box,

Sugarplum Box, Birthday box, suga turns 3, 876Lover, in Jamaica, one coco, subscription box,


I really enjoyed this box, the rum cake was yummy, and the Moscato was divine, no I didn’t have them together! My next fave item was the Coffee Caramel Sauce, I find every reason, and food to put it on. Have you seen all this stuff? You should be on SugarplumBox.com by now; or following them on Instagram at least, @SugarplumBox. Let’s go!


Hello Queen – Black Girl Magic!

Sugarplum Box is Jamaica’s first subscription box service, you can visit their website, here, to learn more. One of my favourite parts of the experience is seeing the email from the Chief Excitement Officer saying “#GetExcited!” that’s when I know our boxes will be shipped 

One Coco: Sugarplum Box

Sugarplum Box is a Jamaican subscription service, this subscription service is one where you sign up for a month or few, and receive a box containing five or more items. Each box has a different theme and the items would follow the theme. One of the best