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Through My Eyes: Chronology Live!

Through My Eyes: Chronology Live!

Mas Camp, Kingston I sat down thinking what angle to take for this introduction, so much happened in the space of one week. Getting to the concert was such an emotional roller coaster for me, thanks to procrastination. I had been waiting on my friend 

For The Culture!

Ah the Shell Band Stand…I stepped through the gate and instantly my tummy started to fill with nostalgia; and my head with flashbacks of flashing lights and the roaring of The Indiggnation. I was brought back to Ancient Future Live. Warmth roamed the grounds of the 

Ancient Future: The Album Review

Hey Everyone 🙂

As I didn’t post about Reggae on International Reggae Day, July 1st, today I present my first album review, it’s my thoughts on the beats & riddims along with my interpretation of what the songs mean, I do hope you enjoy it 🙂

The Album Review

Ancient Future was produced on Protoje’s label the In.digg.nation Collective by himself and, producer, Winta James. Protoje’s 3rd Album has 11 songs, which I can agree, is quality over quantity. With every album he releases the growth in him, as a person and an artiste is evident. Personally I fell in love with Protoje’s music because of his lyrics…They tell a story, in an unconventional way, (and I’m just trying not to say how sick his lyrics are) which he continues to do. As the title suggests and as Protoje had said at the album launch, this album has some riddims from the past which have been revamped and used in a futuristic way.

He introduced Ancient Future with Continue reading Ancient Future: The Album Review

Ancient Future: The Launch

Protoje’s launch of his 3rd Album “Ancient Future” 876LoveR style, look out for album review.