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Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone, Today the expression I’m sharing are photos, yes, I know I’ve been sharing only music for a good while. Jamaica experienced a Hurricane Warning last weekend; as Matthew made his way most prepared but for the few surfers we have here, they used the time to enjoy the perfect waves. 

Heart Of Gold

The sun shone as bright as it felt, warming my chocolate coloured skin, while the wind battled for dominance, the cool sea breeze tuning out the heat. We strolled off of the concrete, removing our shoes as we touched the sand. As if in sync we kept 

I sea you

I Sea You

Crashing unanimously,
an endless round of applause,
hoots & cheers just for you.
Navy to aqua, to brown & translucent,
floating in the togetherness of being,
to form a foamy white…
Caressing your body in a way no other could.
Saying hi & bye, refusing to tarry.
But parting ways?
The thought has never processed.
When that process is all you’ve ever known.

Inspired by the ocean 🙂