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Expression Wednesdays

New music alert!!!! June has been such a great month, Protoje released his album, Royalty Free, which I spoke about last week. This week I bring to you Kabaka Pyramid’s mixtape by Major Lazer, Accurate; and Xana Romeo’s mixtape by Yaadcore, Mercy Please. Take your time, 

Percussive Movement

No Percussive isn’t what you’re thinking, percussionists are being seen for the art that they do and are being praised for their talents, kinda, it is getting better than previous years, so the percussionist from the Zincfence Remdemption (Band) Hector Lewis, was the guest of 

Dubbing into Independence

Hey Everyone 🙂

You know I find this so cliché to say but it embodies Jamaica so much, so wah gwaan?

Knowing that our Independence Day is August 6th, my friends and I decided to go to Dubwise the night of the 5th,  i.e. getting home late isn’t a problem because Holiday means sleeping in late.

Selfie before I hit the road.

We were Dubbing into Independence, reggae floating in the air, 53 years strong, and it wasn’t just reggae in the air. I love Dubwise because it’s not everyday you hear roots music blasting and being professionally mixed, just like any dance (party.) Hehe just Wednesdays 🙂 Continue reading Dubbing into Independence

Expression Wednesdays

Hey Everyone 🙂 Today is a magical day, good things happen on Wednesdays (I don’t need proof,) so since I won’t be going to Dubwise tonight I’m sharing Yaadcore’s Reggae Aroma playlists, just fulljoy some sweet reggae music. Vol. 1 Vol. 2 Vol. 3

Expression Wednesdays

Expression Wednesdays

Hello Everyone, Today I’m sharing a picture, that was posted by Protoje, with you. As well as wishing Yaadcore a Blessed Earthstrong. (Birthday) 🙂 Check out ‘Sudden Flight’ a song off Protoje’s album Ancient Future; featuring Sevana and Jesse Royal.

Dubwise: 1 year old!

Last week Wednesday, January 7, 2015 was the one year anniversary of Dubwise 🙂 The first time I went was in summer of 2014, I’ve been a couple of times since then and it’s been fun every time.

What to do at Dubwise:
♦Come early…
♦Follow the loud sounds of dub into the venue.
♦See wah gwan at I-Nation’s stall.
♦Go see if your pocket tall enough to buy a shirt from the Base Kingston & Belle stall.
♦Pay your $300Jad & enter.
♦May or may not smoke some weed.
♦Buy some I-tal vegetarian food from Mi Hungry Whol’ Some Food.
♦Wash it down with their natural juice or something stronger at the bar.
♦Enjoy the ambiance and musical styling of Dj Yaadcore.
♦Dance/Rock away.
♦…& Stay late.

Dubwise is at Tiki Hut, 12 Hope Road, each & every Wednesday from 8pm-12am, check out their facebook page here & their instagram page here. Since I love taking pictures, I believe I have evidence of every Dubwise I’ve been to im gonna try & dig up the pics. Continue reading Dubwise: 1 year old!

Dubwise Wednesdays

Wednesday July 9th 2014 I didn’t have drumming that night as I usually would on a Wednesday so I decided road had to be done. I sat at my desk at work pondering where to go, I took up my phone and started scrolling down