Yaady Dictionary

◊Yaady Dictionary
/yaa-di  dic-tion-ery/
A vocabulary of Jamaican terms or Patois, used on my blog, translated into English.

A language spoken in Jamaica, it is not recognized officially as a language but as an English Creole.

Used in place of “is/are” in the present tense.

Cry, especially in an excessive manner.

◊Big up yuhself/unnu self.
/big up yuh-self/ unn-u/
Give props to yourself or congrats. Unnu=You(plural)

Bredrin comes from bredda which is brother, so it is a similar term; a male that is a close friend.
The term may also be used for strangers in some cases.

A lot, plenty.


Cannot, Can’t.


◊Dead Wid Laugh/DWL
/ded wid laaf/
Dying with laughter, the Jamaican equivalent to “lmao” or “laugh my ass off.”


◊Do Road
/do road/
To go out.



To enjoy.


◊Give Thanks
/gi-ve tha-nks/
To be thankful of a situation or event that occurred.(also used in place of thank you.)

Tobacco, also called Hot Grabba.



I, mine, my, me.

No, not.


A lot, plenty.

Don’t, Does not.

To look at.

◊Pum Pum/Punani
/p-uh-m p-uh-m/p-uh-na-ni/
Vagina. (also called pussy)

Full. (or a male goat 😛 )


Say or said.

Went well, amazing, fun.
e.g. The day did shell.

The feminine version of Bredrin, a female that is a close friend.
This term isn’t usually used with strangers.

Marijuana finely cut or ground up and rolled in paper for smoking, usually cone shaped.(a joint.) May contain grabba.



◊Tek weh
/tek weh/
To take away/up something.

A small amount, a little bit.

◊Wah Gwan?
/waaah gwaan/
What’s up?


◊Rassclaat, Pussyclaat, Bomboclaat, Bloodclaat
Curse words, they may be shortened and used as: bombo, rass, claat, pussy.

*Some meanings may vary.


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