It Will Come

Wishing on the stars,
Wanting to find your own joy,
You will also bloom.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Star & Bloom.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

The new releases are coming too fast, I will not complain though, every week I have something new to share with you. Today I bring to you “Can’t Breathe” by Kabaka Pyramid. The wordsmith sings not only about the “mental pollution” that we face but the literal disregard of our health physically. Take a listen.


Dancing Bachata

Colour me with red,
Let us dance while the warmth spreads,
I desire the fire.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Color & Warmth.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone,

Let’s give thanks for new music! Today Jeeby gives us his own remix of Jidenna’s “Bambi” crooning lyrics about his home town, Montego Bay. He sings of the rampant criminal activities causing destruction of the city, as well as keeping head strong through the fight. This sad story is the reality many persons face daily, take a listen to “MoBaby.”

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One Coco: I Love Sweetness

This Coco has satiated my coffee problem… for now. I love coffee scented products, and the next best thing to that, coffee scrubs (Exfoliation is key.) My last scrub finished so I’m trying a new one, a dry coffee scrub from I Love Sweetness.

I found out about I Love Sweetness from a “Jamaican brand thread” by  @tonimacandcheese on Twitter. The idea of the dry scrub was brilliant to me, a lot of scrubs are mixed with oils and other products which may not be suited for everyone’s skin. That is one of the reasons I used my last scrub on my body only, and not on my face. I Love Sweetness has different flavours but I chose the coffee and oatmeal blend.CocoSweetness1


Check out @ILoveSweetness on Instagram or on their website to find out more, and to see where to purchase their products.


Shine brightly for me,
Please stay out today, I plead,
The waves are a tease.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Please & Tease.


Protoje & The Indiggnation Takes Tmrw.Tdy

Tomorrow Today (Tmrw Tday) Culture Festival had a week of activities geared towards meditation, and rejuvenation, where the goal was to acknowledge what you want in life and to help you to live for today. They brought acts from the “Reggae Revival” out to the edge of Jamaica, Negril. The concert was headlined by Protoje & the Indiggnation, with performances from Runkus & the Old Skl Band, and Sevana.

The Boardwalk Village was easy to find on the strip. As you enter you’re greeted by one of the reasons persons visit Jamaica. The beautiful flora, and the Boardwalk Village did not disappoint. It had the palms and beautiful white sand, with thatched roof décor all around. While waiting for the performances to start, Dj Yaadcore did his musical mixing, adding even more to the feel of vacation. When it was time to begin, the host for the evening, Sheldon Shepheard, introduced the first act.

tmrw tday, culture festival, Negril, Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, Sevana, Runkus,
Runkus and the Old Skl Band. (Photo: Romario Lynch)

Runkus brought his usual high energy. He and the band worked in perfectly in unison; special big up to the backup singers: your notes where on point. Runkus didn’t disappoint he had the crowd moving as he urged to move your feet. He ended the set in pure flames with Burn EverytinG.

tmrw tday, culture festival, Negril, Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, Sevana, Runkus,
The soulful Sevana. (Photo: Romario Lynch)

Sevana makes you feel like you’re in love when she performs. Her voice gave chills as we rocked to the rhythm. She sang a couple songs from her EP, “Sevana.” The name ‘soulful’ Sevana stuck for a reason, as her energy projected the feeling in each song.

tmrw tday, culture festival, Negril, Jamaica, 876Lover, Protoje, Sevana, Runkus,
Protoje. (Photo: Romario Lynch)

I’ve seen Protoje & the Indiggnation perform numerous times, and it seems each time it gets better. The set ran through all three of his albums, and “Royalty Free” beginning with a form of reverence with I&I, Resist Not Evil, then Protection. Listen mi, they have some lively choreography,  I really wanna learn how to move like his background vocalists, the ladies caught my eye. I did my own dance though, he sang a medley of songs from “7 Year Itch” that had me dipping and rocking along. Followed by his newest single, Blood Money, taking it to a personal level showing his concern for his home. He left us on a high by ending the performance with some favourites: Hail Rastafari, Who Knows, Ja, and finally, Kingston Be Wise.
This was my first time in Negril, yes, for real. We (my friends and I) took it upon ourselves to make that really long journey from Kingston for the concert. We take the concert thing (life) seriously, and I’m glad I made the effort because it was truly worth it.


20 Years Of Salsa Jamaica

Time really does fly, a year ago myself and two of my best friends stepped into the Alibi Restaurant. Most of the tables and chairs were pushed to one side, making a nice sized dance floor. The orange hue from the setting sun flooded the room, and Latin music bounced from speakers at two opposing corners. It was our first day of Salsa classes. Like most fun adventures, Lexxi had talked us into it. I’m glad Autumne and I came along for the ride though.

Salsa Jamaica has just celebrated its 20th Anniversary, and to commemorate this milestone, 876LoveR is getting a little insight from the director, Keith Anthony. We stepped (danced) away from the overflowing dance floor, and took to the quiet patio to speak.

How long have you been doing Salsa?

Well, 20 years in Jamaica but I was also doing it in Toronto and parts of Canada before that. I did Salsarobics (Salsa Aerobics) in Toronto and kinda fleshed out from there.

Why did you start Salsa Jamaica?

I had been working abroad at the company for about 25 years and they were downsizing. So this thought made a bed in my brain, “What am I gonna do when I leave this company?” Here it is, now I’m facing new frontiers and I saw this dance and I thought wow, this is great and I love it! So I thought I’m planning to go back to Jamaica at this point, let me check and see if this exists in Jamaica. I flew down here and it wasn’t here! So I came and I started teaching and pushed it from there.

Salsa Jamaica, live stush, salsa, latin dancing, in Jamaica, 876Lover
A couple enjoying themselves on the dance floor. (Photo: Live Stush)


Do you enjoy teaching Salsa?

I do. You know what’s nice? It’s when, at the club when I sit back, with a glass of wine, and I watch all these dancers that came through Salsa Jamaica. It’s a good feeling and they’re here, they’re dancing, they’re not causing any trouble, they’re not trying to compete against each other. It’s just about dancing and doing the best you can and having fun AND respecting each other. I think this is very vital to where we are here in Jamaica.


Salsa Jamaica, live stush, salsa, latin dancing, in Jamaica, 876Lover
Kady (right) posing with the Rookie of the Year 2016 Awardee, Autumne Clarke. (Photo: Live Stush)

Any upcoming plans for Salsa Jamaica in the future?

Yes! Fusion music. At the anniversary, I had a big band, they didn’t play my music but I put songs together that fused our culture and our music with Latin music…The next phase is music and to expand from there.


There we have it, Mr. Keith Anthony sharing his love of the Latin culture with Jamaica. I also have a bonus feature! Watch the performance of the rookie of the year, Autumne, and her dance partner, Ryan.


Find Salsa Jamaica at, or simply come to Alibi Restaurant on Thursday’s at 7pm for classes for a small fee, or 8:30 simply to dance the night away.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

I have a new song for you this week, this one touched me more than I knew it would. Last week I found out by my Twitter timeline that Chronixx dropped a new tune. As much as I won’t admit it I haven’t been myself lately, too much worrying about the future… Sometimes I just can’t help it but when I heard this song the lyrics really spoke to me.

“Skanking sweet, everybody wanna feel irie, forget your troubles and rock with me.”

If the instrumental doesn’t make you actually want to buss a dance move, message me, cause you must have something bothering you too. This single actually makes me look forward to his album, Chronology. Take a listen to Skanking Sweet.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

It’s a rainy week in Jamaica but we jammin’ still. DJ Stamma released a special mix tape last week, where he showcases music from the “independent musical geniuses of Jamaica.” It has songs from some of the greatest acts to grace the music scene right up to the upcoming artistes that are making great headway. This is Indie Genius Vibes, take a listen. Go to the Soundcloud page to see the track list.

Why was I doing the most while listening to this? I feel like Stamma executed his idea perfectly, I thoroughly enjoyed the mixtape. I sang along to the songs I knew and grew excited at the unfamiliar ones I heard. P.S. Big up yourself for the name Stamma! “Indie Genius” – Indigenous, that was a good one.

Drop a comment below to let me know what you thought about Indie Genius Vibes.