New Wave

Easter Monday

This holiday started off great, I didn’t up early yet I cleaned my room, cooked some lunch to carry to work the following day and got ready in a timely manor to touch the road. New Wave was the event, featuring live music acts, my favourite way to relax.

When I got to Stones Throw, the first thing I saw was a beautiful girl, she stood out in the dim venue. She was chocolate, with a piercing gaze and her hair tucked neatly away under a gorgeous turban.

New Wave, April 17 2017, Art, Natali Simone, Line work, Lynch boss, in Jamaica, 876Lover,
My favourite piece by the featured artist, Natali.

The host for the evening was Chereese LaVonne, who welcomed us to the space. She then introduced the featured artist for the evening, Natali ‘@NataliSimone’ Daley, the creator of the girl who caught my eye. Chereese asked what inspired her work, which she replied African art, and line art. As you can see in the photo of miss chocolate, as I’ll call her, Natali’s line work is amazing.

There were two other special guests for the night, so while Dj Jimmy Q controlled the sound, Chereese introduced Jody. Jody is the creator of @Juwire.Ja, she makes copper jewelry. The next guest was a representative from @876Extracts, they make marijuana edibles. The two guests had their products on sale.

While we enjoyed the pleasant vibe we had a Dj change, where Dj Stamma got his time to woo us, I must admit both these Dj’s were lit. Soon after that Chereese introduced the first performer, Elad Gideon.

New Wave, April 17 2017,  Lynch boss, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Elad Gideon,
Elad Gideon

Elad Gideon came on with a bang, doing his remix of “No No No” by Dawn Penn, showing us his rapping skills. That flowed into his next song, Just Life, this one speaks of life, you know how it goes sometimes, and that’s just life. As his set progressed I was more and more pleased, Elad Gideon has a way with words, his word play was definitely working for me. He sang Wild LifeMoney Up featuring Kasique, and finally his freshly released single, Wheel of Fortune.

New Wave, April 17 2017, Lynch boss, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Giark,

Giark has a unique, rootsy voice, he sang Kingsun, and I liked that you could see him feeling the music. Then he sang his new song, So Nice, which I especially liked, it’s a love song with a smooth groove.  

New Wave, April 17 2017, Lynch boss, in Jamaica, 876Lover, Ziah,

Ziah brought something new to New Wave, he did live looping, which is simply recording the accompanying sounds on a device, and letting it play on a loop, with that he was literally a one man band. He sang his soon to be released song, Streetz, his voice had a raspy sound to it but he also sang falsetto… Ziah’s coming with all kinda tricks to the music scene. His final song was a love song, which says “Woman you energy, it feels like home to me” but before he ended he gave us a short solo on the violin.

It was my first time hearing all three of these artistes perform, and I look forward to seeing them again. They each have a different vibe, so it was very refreshing, I enjoyed it.

Photos by Romario ‘@leBossLYNCH’ Lynch, click the hashtag to see more: #SeenByLynch.

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My 2017 Carnival Checklist!

Newbie Edition

This is the checklist I’ve curated for my first ever Jamaica Carnival Road March. I made this list for persons who have no clue who to ask the right questions, as it pertains to Road March or Jump Up Day. I shop online a lot, so if it was up to me I’d just ship everything in but that would be more expensive and I’d have to order my things in advance; so I did some research and thanks to Instagram & YouTube I was able to acquire most of my carnival gear, right here in Jamaica. I’ve made the list simple and detailed, so that novices like myself can have an idea of where to purchase carnival supplies, and get their body or nails carnival ready.  All of the items on this list were purchased in Jamaica, except for one, my boots. Continue reading “My 2017 Carnival Checklist!”

Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone!

I’m taking a break from posting new music just for this week, because it is carnival week. Regularly it would have been the usual but seeing as I took it upon myself to jump in the Carnival Road March for the first time…Yes, in costume, feathers, makeup and all, I’m sharing a Soca song today. This was a hard pick because I like a lot of the 2017 Soca songs, take a listen to “Know The Face” by Marvay.


Upcoming Events!

I appreciated that long holiday weekend but it flew by really quickly. Every week there’s something new, this week is ‘Carnival Week’ I.E. the week before the carnival road march; so there are a lot of fetes going on. Take a look at my list of events for this week 🙂 Continue reading “Upcoming Events!”


Heart so beautiful,
Cursed, given a love so pure,
With whom to share it?

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Beautiful & Curse.


Upcoming Events!

A lot of persons wait patiently for this week in April, this week has Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and is followed by Easter Sunday & Monday. So for those who work a 9-5 like myself, we count days on the calendar to public holidays, and they are Good Friday and Easter Monday. In Jamaica we’re nearing the end of Carnival/Bacchanal Season, so there are a lot of fetes going on, but there are also some fun family activities as this time has public holidays; here is a list of events for Easter Weekend.

Continue reading “Upcoming Events!”

Expression Wednesdays

Hello 🙂

This one is out of the Alpine Compound, produced by Mr. Wavy Jones, featuring sounds from Jeeby Lyricist, Blvk H3ro and Kione Zaire. We can all appreciate a nice derrière, and so this song talks about that 100lb ting, take a listen.

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Searching Wonderland

A lot face wonder,
Curiosity lead spying,
ASAP with the cure.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Wonder & Spy.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today I’m sharing “On A Wave” by Jeeby Lyricist, to me he’s rightly named; listen to the song and pay attention to the endless flows he displays. He’s not the only one pushing badness on the track though, he features Courtni, who let’s us know she’s ready to “siddung pon any beat weh Wavy make.” I had to share this song today because Jeeby and Courtni cleanly rode the wave that Wavy Jones and Kvje produced. The riddim gives a cool, and mellow vibe, somehow mimicking ocean waves.

More credit is in order, the lovely cover art was created by Abigail, @TinySunThing. Take a listen to On A Wave, and tell me what you think, I hope you like it as much as I do.

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In Joy

The chagrin I felt,
consumed my thoughts, but in life,
Joy always prevails.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Chagrin & Joy.