Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

I have a nice and relatively new song on the block, old to me but new to you. I was going through my likes on SoundCloud this week, searching for a nice shower time groove, some songs to fit my vibe. I heard this one and was like wow! this is so nice, it just touched me, so I decided to share it with you today. Take a listen to “Warning” by Mortimer.


One Jamaica

Sending love and light
From my heart, find the Mystic
You once had, one love. 

Big up Bob Marley on this day, that would’ve been his 72nd birthday 🙂 

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Love & Light.


Bob Marley 72

Happy Birthday to Mr. Robert Nesta Marley OM, (1945-1981). Today we celebrate a legend, a life cut short quite early, at the age of 36 but to us, to me he still lives on. He brought Reggae music to the world and I’m glad I was born into the culture that Reggae sprung from. To this day his songs have a special mystic about them, every artiste has a different vibe to their music but Bob Marley’s legacy will not be forgotten.

I want to share with you two of my favourite Bob Marley songs, Natural Mystic, and Wait In Vain.

One Love.


One Coco: Story&Myth

I’ve seen these little grey beads floating about on social media but with my monotonous bracelet selection I payed them no mind. In my quest for Jamaican brands though, this company came up once again, Story & Myth Blessing Beads, and I finally patronized them. This Coco is my first Blessing Bead Bracelet. They are handmade protection jewelry, and each piece is made with intention and love to provide blessing and protection to the wearer.

I chose the Turtle as my charm, it stands for Divine Timing. The site explains each charm, and “the turtle has the wisdom of knowing that all things come in perfect and divine timing.” This was in line with my theme for 2017, “Trod by faith” because it’s a thing between my best friend and I, it simply means to trust that all that will go right, will go right; so go through with your plans. “Turtles teach us to enjoy the journey of our life, trusting in the flow and partaking of the blessings that are bestowed along the way.” Once I saw this I knew the turtle was the one for me.

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Check out Story and Myth Blessing Beads on their and on IG: StoryandMyth.



Protoje’s new single “Blood Money” is a perfectly aimed shot at the Government, and the injustice at large in Jamaica but who the cap fits, let them wear it. With the mellow instrumental and defined bass you wouldn’t believe how much truth, as unfortunate as it is, is addressed in just over 3 minutes. From money laundering to criminals getting off of jail time because they have the money to pay off the right persons. As a synopsis Blood Money runs the nation. Take a listen for yourself, freshly released, “Blood Money” by Protoje.

I’m really feeling the song, I love that Protoje crassly preached the truth, our everyday situation in Jamaica, for the whole world to know. I hope it impacts people to be aware of the situation, and do all they can to be fair and just. Also find Blood Money on SoundCloud, here.

Follow Protoje on IG and Twitter: @Protoje.

All artwork for Blood Money by Taj Francis.

“If wha you see nuh really phase you, then you a di problem weh we face too.”


Expression Wednesdays: Reggae Mecca

Hi Everyone 🙂

In Jamaica, February is Reggae Month, and so today my second favourite month begins; also today is the Birthday of a legendary Reggae icon, Dennis Emmanuel Brown. The theme for Reggae Month 2017 is “Reggae Mecca.”

Reggae Month, the celebration of not just a genre but a culture, I look forward to February every year for the festivities, the liveliness, and the free concerts. Some key Reggae Month activities are the Reggae Wednesday concerts at Mandela Park in Half Way Tree, Kingston, the first one is tonight. As well as JaRIA’s Reggae Open University sittings, every week, where topics relating to Reggae music and the industry are discussed by a panel of qualified persons. Apart from those, the Reggae month calendar will show you most of this month’s activities. Come out to the concert tonight! The theme is “Di Root.”

We celebrate you Dennis, thank you for the great music, to us you still live on. Take a listen, and enjoy because I ended up making a small playlist 🙂


The Road to Carnival -I

In came the New Year, in the blink of an eye or the pop of a bottle, 2016 was gone. Cheers to life, we had airily planned out 2017, this year would be one of adventures and new experiences. A big one being Jamaica’s Carnival Road March. As a novice, I stalked as many social media pages as I deemed necessary to get the inside Intel on Carnival know-how. I linked the two people I knew wouldn’t laugh me to scorn, and learnt some key tips and tricks. Now came January, and it was band/costume launch galore, for the first time, Jamaica was having four different Carnivals or as a Trinidadian would put it, four different Bands. For many years one Band had control of our Carnival, Bacchanal Jamaica, where that band had different costume sections which marched on di road. For Jamaica’s 2017 Carnival the different bands are Bacchanal Jamaica, Xodus Carnival, Xaymaca International, and Jamaica Carnival.

I didn’t register ’til near the deadline for my band, January 31st, because I was spending an extravagant amount of money, I decided to wait until all the bands had their costume launches, then I would make my final decision. During the tedious wait I emailed a bunch of makeup artists, and found out their prices, as well as searched for boots online. Bacchanal Jamaica had their costume launch on January 7th with a wait till January 12th for the official website to be ready. Xodus Carnival had their launch on December 14th followed by the costumes and prices up on Instagram from January 11th but their website launched on January 12th. Xaymaca International had their costume launch on January 21st and their website was up by the 23rd. Jamaica Carnival had their costume launch on January 27th.

Mi nah go lie, this was a hard decision to make but the prices easily narrowed down my choices. I liked the Queen of Hearts costume from Xodus Carnival, and Provcateur from Xaymaca International. I liked quite a few from Bacchanal Jamaica, namely Desire by Xult, Auralight, Pixie Dust, and my fave was Frenchmen Shooting Star. I had made up my mind, that the price, the colours, the feathers were right, I wanted Shooting Star. So on Saturday I went on Bacchanal Jamaica’s website to make my first deposit, but to my despair, the backline costumes were sold out. I tossed and turned over it that night, and on Sunday, I decided to take Pixie Dust, it was cute and on my list of likes. That is how I chose Bacchanal Jamaica’s Pixie Dust Costume, the Backline section.

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This is the first time I’ll be jumping in the Carnival Road March, and I’m really excited. We- my best friend and I- decided this year would finally be there year we do it because it falls on her birthday, so we figured it was meant to be. I decided to take you all on my experience, not only of the road march but of Carnival/Bacchanal season in Jamaica, I hope you’ll come along for the ride.





Get out of my head,
Please get out of the gutter,
A low blow for me.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Blow & Please.


Expression Wednesdays

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today I’m sharing a love song that I love, it is Best Kept Secret by Kelissa. I got her new album “Spellbound” on Sunday and I’ve had it on repeat, I specifically like the Dub version of Best Kept Secret but it it not on YouTube. So here is the regular version of the song.

There’s great things in store because in Jamaica February is Reggae Month, so keep an eye on 876LoveR to be in the know.



You bottle it up,
The stress, the fear, and the tears,
Sometimes, let it flow.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge: Flow & Tear.