Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience

He was strolling up the pathway, towards us,  greeting everyone he passed, stopping to speak to some, while others wanted pictures with him.  You could tell he was humble just by the way he tread through the crowd. He was the man of the hour, we were waiting for him and the late start was expected because Jamaicans being on time would have been a sight to see. Lexxi and I were leaned up against the shop wall behind the stage, the band members were already set on stage, the crowd was buzzing, ready for him, and finally he walked by us. I grabbed Lexxi’s hand and tried to point discretely but he saw the movement and turned towards us. “Goodnight beautiful ladies,” he said with a smile, sending my heart into overdrive. We both replied with ‘Hi’s’ and reached out for a hug which he responded to. He asked how we were doing, and apologized for the late start of the show, we replied with fine and no problem. He spoke in such an easy-going manner, it felt like greeting a friend; I could see he truly appreciates his fans as he kept the conversation even with the waiting crowd. Then he continued to the stage.


Writing 101: A Character-Building Exercise

That was the first time I met Jesse Royal.



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