3 Ways to keep a girl thinking about you

N.B. These tips are more effective if she has told you that she has feelings for you.

  1. When you notice a spectacular characteristic about her, don’t be shy, tell her you find it hot, cute, pretty, nice, sexy, unique… and the compliment will stick.

2. If you haven’t seen her in a while or spoken to her, send her a message. Just to catch up, talk about nothing and everything; having a fun conversation will leave it lingering in her thoughts.

3. When parting ways at the end of an event, date or just an outing with the gang, give her a simple kiss on the cheek. This small act of affection is so sweet it will leave her thinking about it for days after, and probably wonder what those lips would feel like on hers.

These tips were thought of by yours truly, I can’t guarantee they will work but give it a try, you could catch a girlfriend (not pokémon style.) Life is too short to be anything but happy, so take risks.


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